Friends in the Park Covid Style!

Friends in the park, covid style, Miss Penny speaking. Well, what an adventure I had today. Although I was miffed at first, my walk was very short this morning and I thought Susan was going out and I hate being left alone, I have separation

My toy comforts me when I have separation anxiety.

anxiety, but just as I was about to hide and play dead, that’s when I go all floppy and Susan can’t pick me up, ha.ha, Susan put on my leash and I’m excited but not that much as this could mean the car and I hate the car, I know I’m a princess. Except we went out the front door, psst! Don’t tell anyone, some folks in our condo building, get their knickers in a knot if dogs go through the front door, it’s kind of weird as Susan carries me. Anyway I digress, we wait by the front door and Rita pulls up in her car and we get in and I can sit on Susan’s lap, now I don’t mind this car. I don’t understand why I can’t sit on Susan’s lap when she’s driving; she says it’s

On Susan’s lap!

dangerous and I’m shoved in the back so a whine, very loudly. So, today I’m comfy as Rita drives us to Andrew Haydon Park where we meet more ladies, social distancing and masks at the ready and they talked, and I mean talk… a lot, and laugh very loudly. I preened with the compliments of how cute and adorable I am, which I know but I like to hear it. Then I watched the chipmunks and

Squirrels where are you?

squirrels, who always seem to be just out of my reach. There was one bossy Canada goose that honked too much but Canada geese are wimps, they are afraid of me and run, well sort of waddle when they see me coming and often take flight. Can you believe it, little me, an 81/2 lb Shih Tzu, can scare off those big honking birds. Oops! Just a minute, the evil eye. I’m being interrupted by the

Time to talk about books.

author, my boss. Susan is telling me to talk about writing, anyone would think she’d written a new book, to be truthful she’s been slacking off but I will concede that she’s been writing all this week. The Heart of Sophie’s War is progressing, although the research into WW1, particularly the field hospitals, is slowing it down. She’s doing a heck of a lot of reading. Susan tells me that she was surprised to discover that despite the injuries, death and inhuman conditions, most of the patients and medical staff were very cheerful. Interesting!

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Remember Ruins in Silk? The prequel to The Sackville Hotel Trilogy.

Well, it is also the prequel to Prelude to Sophie’s War, young Sophie in Ruins in Silk has grown up, left The Sackville Hotel and her story continues in London as she trains to be a nurse.

Save Some for Me – A single mother’s memoir

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Behind Closed Doors

Hello! Miss Penny speaking. Susan is busy writing, the new Sophie book, so I told her I would write the blog today. We recently had guests staying, which was great, lots of ear tickles and tummy rubs, except for the bathroom door.  It was closed. I soon learned to scoot in fast before the door shut, but sometimes even when I raced across the apartment, I was too late and my nose hit the closed door. Now, this is a scary thing for a nine-month-old puppy, Susan and I are inseparable. What goes on behind closed doors? Is there a secret exit and Susan will disappear forever or mad dogs might attack her or it could be aliens, not that I know what aliens are but the grandkids talk about them. So I whine a little, I could howl but that might disturb the aliens. The whining does the trick; the door opens and Susan is fine, I, of course, inspect the bathroom but no mad dogs and no aliens; Susan is safe and I trot at her heels. But that bathroom is still a mystery. Why does the door open and close so often when we have visitors? 

Work in progress: Susan’s new book Love’s Endings and Beginnings – A sweet romance novel – Heartbreak to Second Chance is now at the editors, the lovely Meghan Negrijn. While that’s being edited Susan is researching nursing in the Great War for book 1 of the Sophie series.  Sophie is completing her nurse’s training and will, be heading for a field hospital in Passchendaele. Shush! I’ll tell you a secret, a long-lost love appears and it’s not Bill. Hee-hee! I’d better not say anymore, no spoilers or I’ll be in trouble. 

What I’m reading. Still reading Elizabeth George for fiction and researching WW 1 for non-fiction. So not much to report

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Anna’s Legacy – Kobo Feature

April 1st, I am looking out of my window at snow, and this is no April fools joke. Last week’s blog, On The Cusp of Spring, was meant to imply winter was over. So depressing and to be honest it is hard to be upbeat but I will try to be grateful for two things today. 1: Sarah’s Inheritance (working title) Book III is well underway and 2. Kobo has included Anna’s Legacy in their new and promising book promotion.


I am grateful that Kobo is featuring Anna’s Legacy Book II of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy for the next two weeks, which will lead into the official launch at the end of April, details will be announced through Susan’s Reader Group email. Click to register.

Here is the introduction to Anna’s Legacy.

Anna’s Legacy: Book II of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy opens a new chapter in Anna’s life. While the first book in the trilogy, The Blue Pendant, was inspired by real events in the lives of Anna, Bill and Alex, Anna’s Legacy takes that foundation in an entirely fictional direction and none of the stories presented in this book are founded in any way upon real events. Anna’s Legacy continues Anna’s journey and although the story could be a standalone, it is written as a sequel with minimal explanations of the events preceding the start of this novel. Therefore, it is recommended that the books be read in order. I had fun writing Anna’s Legacy and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whether it’s a review, an email or a comment, I always appreciate hearing from my readers. Without readers, I would not be an author. I love chatting about my characters, those that you like and engage with and those that you loathe—Mr. Pickles, comes to mind as the most hated character in The Blue Pendant.

My email address and comment box can be found on my websites: Book Clubs: A Reader’s Guide and Questions for Discussion can be found at the under Book Clubs.

Book News! Free e-book – Prequel to The Sackville Hotel Trilogy – Ruins in Silk is available from KOBO. Book I – The Blue Pendant and Book II – Anna’s Legacy book II is currently featured on Kobo.