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Cabin Fever!

Miss Penny Speaking, I’m bored! Susan says we have cabin fever. Odd, because I feel quite well, no fever and we don’t have a cabin. Susan explained cabin fever is when we can’t get out of the house, like i said, same as being bored. It has been a challenging week as far as walks go. I’m cranky because the snow is too deep to walk, there isn’t a blade of grass to be found and even when I wear my coat and boots, we still don’t go far, I’ve had one decent walk all week. Susan is the problem, even when she wears her boots and coat like me, she won’t walk far. She does this shuffle like a penguin because of the slippy ice. I don’t slip or shuffle, but I have four legs and I’m only nine inches tall, not far to fall. The other day we were hovering in the laneway and I looked up at Susan, she’s a long way from the ground. I thought to myself, how do you stay upright on only two feet? But it explains why we got caught up with work. Another episode of The Blue Pendant recorded on YouTube, The Sackville Hotel Trilogy Box Set, uploaded and approved by Kobo and Amazon and Susan released the February edition of Susan’s Reader Group News.

That’s it for today, like I say boring and from the sound of the howling wind outside, it’ll be another day of slow shuffling walks. Dreaming for spring. How I yearn for green grass!


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Whacky Words!

Whacky Words! Miss Penny Speaking that might seem odd coming from a dog because I can’t talk, I can bark although I don’t do that very often, the noise scares me. I may not speak but I understand several words. Hungry means dinner’s on the way, Ah, she’s so cute means some loving is coming, good girl means I’ve done you-know-what in the right place and I get treats. Oh yes, and treats means a milk bone or tasty morsel. Where’s your baby, means go fetch my pink lamb that’s usually at bedtime. So, why am I talking about words? Susan has been embroiled in words this week, 352 thousand words that’s how many words there are in The Sackville Hotel Trilogy Boxset, three books in one (e-books). However, last night just as they were being uploaded Susan discovered some chapters in the wrong order, talk about words… well, the words I heard were not for my young ears… it was not a pretty sight. Susan’s okay now and the boxset will be ready later today. By the way, body language works just as well as words. I get most of what I want by looking cute. Susan says to tell you the next edition of Susan’s Readers Group News will be out this week. Bye for now!



Strong, beautiful Anna as clever as any man, defies society, challenges marriage but loves passionately twice. Survives betrayal, bullying, even murder that almost breaks her. An epic saga that spans five decades from Edwardian Britain to the 1960s Cold War. Heartwarming and at times heartbreaking.



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Wind up my ….!

Miss Penny speaking as promised I’m back, well, I know I never went away, but I had to share my spot with Susan’s Readers Group News. Me, the star! I’m over it now.

Maybe not!

I’m cold!

I’m told mid-January to mid-February is the coldest time of the year in Ottawa, no kidding! The ground is covered in 80cm of snow and we experienced, -40c with the wind chill. And about that wind; Susan and I are out for a walk and I squat—to you-know-what—and suddenly the wind catches my back legs and I’m doing a handstand Cirque de Soleil style, very disconcerting and then, I’m just trotting along and the wind catches me again and whips me around in a circle. That’s it, enough of that, time to go inside, especially when Susan started laughing. I gave her the look and hustle my butt inside. I wonder if Cirque de Soleil hires dogs? Just a thought as it seems I have acrobatic talent.

I’m just figuring out what a box-set might be. Susan’s been working on this all week, which means I get ignored, just so you know I notice these things. She is putting all three books of The Sackville Hotel TrilogyThe Blue Pendant, Anna’s Legacy and Sarah’s Choice into one e-book. Wow! That’s one big book 365,000 words a marathon read launching in February.

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The Evil Eye!

Miss Penny

Yes, I am giving you the evil eye. Miss Penny speaking. I am being ignored and I want to play. Susan is busy with Christmas stuff; there are boxes and bags, curly ribbon and crinkly paper all over the dining room. Baking smells from the kitchen are tempting as another pan of shortbread comes out of the oven and gets packed into gift boxes. The phone keeps announcing visitors that is exciting, I love visitors, but they don’t stay long. They pick up a book or gift box, say hello and leave again. Susan’s latest Christmas at Lavender Cottage is going fast, I’m guessing that’s because it’s Christmas, who doesn’t like a warm, cozy romance, hot chocolate and an opportunity to make shortbread (Susan’s recipe is in the back of the book) Of course, I’m a dog so I know little about any of that, except it occupies Susan’s time, which means less cuddling and playtime for me. And, because of the cold and even some freezing rain my walks have been cut short. As you can see, I’m suffering here. Perhaps you could do me a favour and put a word in Susan’s ear, the evil eye didn’t work. Over to the boss.

My Work in Progress:

Not much writing going on these days, but did you know that most authors plan books in their head long before they start writing. It is subconscious; I don’t even realize I’m planning a story in my head until the words flow on the page and I wonder where it’s coming from. Right now, I’m thinking about, Sophie at nursing school and Zeppelins over war-torn London and it won’t be long before the words are flowing again. 

Book News: 

What next! Did you know there is an award for… wait for it… Bad Sex in Fiction Award – Interestingly, these scenes are the worst sex scenes in non-pornographic, non-erotica fiction. The award winning scene is selected for a long-list, short-list and some lucky or unlucky author gets the award.

Books I’m Reading: Fiction: 

I finished Kate Morton’s latest The Clockmakers Daughter I am giving it four stars; the book is amazing and I highly recommend it but the story is complicated. My next read is Maeve Binchy, Chestnut Street, a light read about ordinary people, characters who live on or have connections to Chestnut Street. The late Ms. Binchy had a knack of drawing you into the house place and feeling that the characters are your neighbour, friend or even the odd enemy. Her husband Gordon Snell put together this collection of Ms. Binchy’s stories. something she had talked about before her death.

Special offers!

Christmas at Lavender Cottage – A warm feel-good holiday romance  10.00 (in stores may be more)

 Romance and Christmas spirit are on the brink of disaster. A troubled, deceitful and prickly guest arrives atLavender Cottage just days before Christmas.  A missing necklace and false accusations threaten the joyful holiday. Eager to share Christmas with the man she loves, Katie struggles with uncertainty. Will justice prevail? Can true love flourish?

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Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast that would be me, Miss Penny speaking! As you can see, a bad hair day that’s the beast part and after the groomer the beauty part. Pet Agree on Castlefrank Road in Glen Cairn and it is across the street from Susan’s daughter’s house, a bonus as we got to visit Rose. She has the perfect little backyard to run in and out. It was raining, so it didn’t do the hairdo much good and that was followed by a windy walk in Britannia Park.

It has been a busy week. Susan and I launched the new romance novel When Love Ends Romance Begins, the book thing was good but for me, it was the visitors. I’m quite popular and spent the afternoon going from one lap to the next, lots of cuddles and tummy rubs. If you missed the launch, we still have some copies; call us or email. Yesterday we did a book signing at Coles Billings Bridge on Riverside Drive. Susan likes that store, the staff are awesome and they work hard for local authors. I need to clarify, it’s not really, we as I’m not allowed in shopping malls. I can’t imagine why but I was left at home. That’s all from me today over to the boss.

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Susan’s stock at The Britannia  – Coles Bookstore Billings BridgeAmazon  ,com/.ca/.Uk etc. see specific titles below. Kobo also has free short story downloads

Writing Updates: Keep your fingers crossed, it looks as though Christmas at Lavender Cottage will be ready for Dec 1. It is at the editor’s and the cover is almost ready. I enjoyed writing this book, its light, romance with a bit of adventure and a lot of suspense. Katie tries to get a perfect Christmas together and as we all know is often a recipe for disaster. Speaking of recipes, I had fun browsing the old recipe books and have included a few, including my coveted shortbread recipe.

Book News: I am not normally a fan of political intrigue but a friend sent me this headline The author is a respected writer and form journalist. HIs identity is being kept secret in order to protect the source of the ideas that inspired this novel. The title of the book The Kingfisher Secret A Novel Author Anonymous. We live in such troubled political times, full of secrets and untruths; I have become jaded and suspicious even of the politicians I once thought I could trust. Is this why this new book appealed to me? Am I searching for the truth? Will I find it in a novel? By definition a novel is fiction, but it is also the perfect way to expose true facts.

Books I’m Reading: Fiction: I am reading The Daisy Children by Sophia and to honest I’m notsure about this book. The story is based on the true story of a school tragedy in New London Texas in 1937. It has some merit and I will finish it but not sure I would recommend it.

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The Blue Pendant Book I     Anna’s Legacy Book II    Sarah’s Choice Book III

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Writing Courses: I have put the marketing of these course on hold until after Christmas, Get Rid of Page Fright & Write – Course 1 is available at the discounted price of $47 at More updates on the other courses will come at the end of this year.


Do you see those creatures?

Miss Penny Speaking! Well, I am glad to be back. I was ignored last week, I was quite hurt, but Susan is busy this week so I get to write the blog. Visiting!  We did a lot of visiting last weekend because it was Thanksgiving weekend. As a precocious one-year-old, I get excited about all these new things. First, we went to eldest son’s girlfriends for a family Thanksgiving. I’m very cute so I got lots of fuss, chin tickles and admiration from the family. I was then introduced to this furry thing that twitched its nose, his name was Romeo—maybe he should be in one of Susan’s romance novels. I was scared of him, which seemed to amuse everyone and didn’t impress me. Susan liked him and petted him but I declined and clung to Susan.

Next, we went to the family in Stittsville, they have the huge dog Preston; he likes to play but he’s too big and he makes me jealous because he is much to and of Susan. I cannot argue when I’m the size of his head. Now, these other creatures called cats are interesting, I’ve mentioned them before. They are my size but not friendly and it’s quite unnerving as they as stalk around me. I jump and play trying to get some life into them but it doesn’t work. And, you should hear the noise they make, it’s not even close to a bark or growl but it’s this loud hissing noise usually accompanied by a paw slapping my face. I’ve given up on these cat creatures they are just rude. That’s it for today.

Writing Updates:  Christmas at Lavender Cottage continues at a much faster pace. Olivia the evil antagonist has developed into quite the character as it’s a Christmas story redemption is coming.

Book News: I love it when I get a package in my mailbox, it’s usually a book and this week it was Kate Morton’s new book, which I had pre-ordered, The Clockmaker’s Daughter. If you are a Kate Morton fan take a trip to the bookstore. I am a big fan of Kate Morton and so looking forward to reading this, but I have to be patient as I already have two books on the go.

Books I’m Reading: Fiction: As an author, I often read books similar to those that I am writing because I like to experience how other writers write, especially if it is a genre or subject I haven’t written in before. So, I put the contemporary thriller to one side to read a Christmas romance. Well, it is so bad. I will not name the author or the book, beyond it is a well-known romance writer and a Christmas romance.  So far the story has nothing to do with Christmas and the silliest plot about a young woman blogging. I wonder who would read it. Needless to say, this book was not much help.

Nonfiction: Nothing this week

Writing Courses:  Big sigh! I have put these on hold until after Christmas. I don’t have time to market or work on Course 2 & 3 as I prepare my novels for Christmas Craft Fairs and signings. Get Rid of Page Fright & Write – Course 1 will still be available at the discounted price of $58 at More updates will come at the end of this year.









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The Blue Pendant Book I     Anna’s Legacy Book II    Sarah’s Choice Book III

The Blue Pendant Book1 Anna’s Legacy Book 2 and Sarah’s Choice Book 3. E-books and print  at all online retailer

Check out the synopsis on My Books page. A great Book club read.

A gift of an e-book Ruins in Silk prequel to the trilogy. A perfect summer afternoon read. And the opportunity to sign up for Susan’s Reader’s Group.  

“Her mother’s death sets a path of tragedy; betrayal, misguided love and even murder ” 

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Broad Enough Shoulders!

I sometimes wonder if I have broad enough shoulders to be a writer. Criticism from professionals, well-meaning friends and acquaintances is all part of the writing process. But it is perhaps an oxymoron for introverted creatives whose work becomes an intricate part of themselves. Creating anything whether it is painting a picture with words or an artist’s brush, weaving clothes or baskets, scrapbooking or making jewelry, the result is a unique and personal invention open to perception from every eye that sees it. Oh, I agree, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things and the English language, although it has many versions, is perhaps more rigid than most. And I quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “Therein lies the rub,” an obstacle which storytellers like me have to get over if they want a perfect book. Unfortunately, and I can only speak for myself, it can appear as criticism, which it probably is not. This week I have had a double whammy as my latest book is being proofread and I designed the cover. First, a quick cover in an easy program called Canva, (in last week’s blog). After listening to it’s a nice cover but… and stifling my unreasonable reaction of indignation, I decided to brush-up on Adobe InDesign and create a professional looking cover. You guessed it, I still had comments, a little more encouraging, I like it but… at first, I am unrealistically hurt but I need to suck it up and get back to the canvas. There are days when my shoulders are broad enough and days when they are not but most days, I put on the big girl panties and get on with it, knowing I have done my best. At the end of the day, I am lucky enough to have people around me who care enough to critique my creative prose. Thank you to everyone.

Writing Updates: All writing suspended to make way for cover design.


Books I’m Reading: Fiction: I finished Gill Paul’s Another Women’s Husband which I enjoyed. I still have an issue about Princess Diana’s part but the Wallis Simpson story was excellent. I can highly recommend this book. My latest read is Susanna Kearsley’s The Winter Sea a 1706 time-slip romance about a writer who disappears into her story (now that’s a familiar place to be), I was hooked from the first page. Ms. Kearsley’s description of Slain Castle and the rugged coast of Scotland is enthralling, the characters I love and liked from the very first chapter. I am so looking forward to reading this book.

Nonfiction: Nothing this week.

Writing Courses:  First Sentence to First Sale – Course OneGet Rid of Page Fright opens for registration next week, at noon (EST) on Wednesday, Sept 12, 2018


The books are available at online retailers. Click the title, make your choice

The Blue Pendant Book I     Anna’s Legacy Book II    Sarah’s Choice Book III

The Blue Pendant Book1 Anna’s Legacy Book 2 and Sarah’s Choice Book 3. E-books and print  at all online retailer

Check out the synopsis on My Books page. A great Book club read.

A gift of an e-book Ruins in Silk prequel to the trilogy. A perfect summer afternoon read. And the opportunity to sign up for Susan’s Reader’s Group.  

“Her mother’s death sets a path of tragedy; betrayal, misguided love and even murder ” 

  Click to download your gift of a free e-book