Spring in my Step!

I see I’ve been preempted again and I’m not impressed. My picture and story should come first. I’m a bit spoilt! Miss Penny Speaking. Well, at last I was outside without either boots or coat with a spring in my step; a little chilly on the paws but I can walk on grassy patches and feel the wind in my fur. My walking routine is back to normal and that is a good thing as Susan is ignoring me, other than the walks. She is busy with yet another project. She’s great at coaching people to write books. I didn’t know this, but then I’m a dog so what do I know, Susan says that many people with small businesses want to write a book to add value to their business. She discusses the business side of things all the time with me and even my doggie brain thinks this is a great idea. Not that I would have a clue how to write a nonfiction book but Susan has the expertise and is finally expanding the coaching, How to Write a Nonfiction Book for your Business – A three-month coaching program. So, I will gaze out of the window waiting for my walks, pawing at Susan’s knee to remind her I’m here. Ah! It’s a dog’s life. If you are interested contact Susan  click here.

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Soothing Reiki

Miss Penny Speaking, I need a minute to bring my thoughts back; I am so relaxed. Sheila, one of my favourite people has just been from a Reiki session. Yep, Susan is a Reiki Master as well as an author. I’m not sure what Reiki is but I think it is healing energy and relaxation. I am rather lively and like to be the centre of attention. So when someone relaxes on the Reiki table and has Susan’s undivided attention, I have to make my presence known. At first I watch and listen to the soothing music, it is relaxing and I want to get up on the Reiki table with Sheila. Okay, now I’m being ignored—not a good idea. I fight the calming music and get my toys, the squeaky noisy monkey is the best one or the red thingy with a tail, that I can squeak and throw in the air as I run up and down the hall; if I can get my bone that’s even better as it makes a loud bang when I drop it. It isn’t long before Susan takes these toys away, but still no attention. I’m not done yet, my toe nails make a lovely clicking noise on the hardwood, if Susan tries to stop me I run away. But that soothing music gets to me and I finally curl up under the table and have a relaxing Reiki snooze. Ahhhhh…….Yawn!

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Books I’ve Read – A Forget muti pages Forget-get-me-not Journal – Books I’ve Read. A journal for keeping track of the books you’ve read.




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Excerpts from Lavender Cottage Romance Series(formerly The Narrowboat Romance Series). Readings from the book launch

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Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast that would be me, Miss Penny speaking! As you can see, a bad hair day that’s the beast part and after the groomer the beauty part. Pet Agree on Castlefrank Road in Glen Cairn and it is across the street from Susan’s daughter’s house, a bonus as we got to visit Rose. She has the perfect little backyard to run in and out. It was raining, so it didn’t do the hairdo much good and that was followed by a windy walk in Britannia Park.

It has been a busy week. Susan and I launched the new romance novel When Love Ends Romance Begins, the book thing was good but for me, it was the visitors. I’m quite popular and spent the afternoon going from one lap to the next, lots of cuddles and tummy rubs. If you missed the launch, we still have some copies; call us or email. Yesterday we did a book signing at Coles Billings Bridge on Riverside Drive. Susan likes that store, the staff are awesome and they work hard for local authors. I need to clarify, it’s not really, we as I’m not allowed in shopping malls. I can’t imagine why but I was left at home. That’s all from me today over to the boss.

Where to find all of Susan’s Books:

Susan’s stock at The Britannia  – Coles Bookstore Billings BridgeAmazon  ,com/.ca/.Uk etc. see specific titles below. Kobo also has free short story downloads

Writing Updates: Keep your fingers crossed, it looks as though Christmas at Lavender Cottage will be ready for Dec 1. It is at the editor’s and the cover is almost ready. I enjoyed writing this book, its light, romance with a bit of adventure and a lot of suspense. Katie tries to get a perfect Christmas together and as we all know is often a recipe for disaster. Speaking of recipes, I had fun browsing the old recipe books and have included a few, including my coveted shortbread recipe.

Book News: I am not normally a fan of political intrigue but a friend sent me this headline The author is a respected writer and form journalist. HIs identity is being kept secret in order to protect the source of the ideas that inspired this novel. The title of the book The Kingfisher Secret A Novel Author Anonymous. We live in such troubled political times, full of secrets and untruths; I have become jaded and suspicious even of the politicians I once thought I could trust. Is this why this new book appealed to me? Am I searching for the truth? Will I find it in a novel? By definition a novel is fiction, but it is also the perfect way to expose true facts.

Books I’m Reading: Fiction: I am reading The Daisy Children by Sophia and to honest I’m notsure about this book. The story is based on the true story of a school tragedy in New London Texas in 1937. It has some merit and I will finish it but not sure I would recommend it.

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The Blue Pendant Book I     Anna’s Legacy Book II    Sarah’s Choice Book III

First in series The Blue Pendant  on sale on  $4.99

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Check out the synopsis on My Books page. A great Book club read

Writing Courses: I have put the marketing of these course on hold until after Christmas, Get Rid of Page Fright & Write – Course 1 is available at the discounted price of $47 at http://just-for-writers.teachable.com More updates on the other courses will come at the end of this year.

Green so green!

Green so green with sheep and lambs an English spring. Yes, I’m still in England and yesterday was very wet and today is sunny with blue sky. The rain is a blessing, and the reason why England is so green even at the beginning of March and the daffodils are in full bloom.

February has been my best month so far for book sales. All titles and several short stories, which was prompted by the release of Anna’s Legacy Book ll of The Sackville Trilogy. 

I always feel as though I am being sleazy when I ask for reviews. But the truth is that reviews have a big impact on Amazon ratings and obviously on reader’s choice. I love it when readers tell me how they enjoyed one of my books or engage in conversation about characters. Telling Amazon how you enjoyed the book is hugely helpful and I am very grateful.

Book News:

Free e-book Ruins in Silk e-book is currently free on my website. And on Kobo.com together with a Free short story Little Dog Lost, Reiki Found

The Sackville Hotel Trilogy Book 1 The Blue Pendant and Book ll Anna’s Legacy are available from Amazon click on the title or most online retailers.

As I am away and out of my usual routine I thought I would add another excerpt from Anna’s Legacy just a little teaser.

Excerpt regarding hotel life and a duke’s daughters wedding.

James arrived before eight the next morning to prepare the guest accounts. Miss Jenkins knocked on his office door.

“Mr. Lytton, the duke is asking for his bill.”

James looked with surprised. “That is good news Miss Jenkins. I am working on his account now. Please show the duke into my office and order coffee and pastries.” Miss Jenkins frowned and hesitated it was unusual for guests to settle accounts in the office. “Now please!”

“Good morning, Your Grace. Please take a seat. I am working on your account but there are some rather delicate financial matters that I thought would be better discussed in the privacy of my office.”

The duke’s face turned a bright pink. “And what matters would they be?” He fidgeted in his chair and sniffed. The tension in his face relaxed slightly as the maid entered with a tray of coffee.

James stared at the duke, sensing his deep discomfort. “Coffee sir? Perhaps you would like something a little stronger with your coffee.” The duke’s eyes widened making no attempt to hide his eagerness. “Yes, Mr. Lytton that would be pleasant. I have a trying day ahead of me.” James went to his cabinet and took out a bottle of brandy and two glasses. The duke downed the brandy in one gulp. James left this glass untouched.

“Sir, the matter I wish to discuss with you is regarding some of your guests. Miss Jenkins tells me that several guests have requested that their hotel bills be added to your account. I would like to confirm that this has your approval.” Continue reading Green so green!

A short story for New Years Eve!

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Gillian’s Ghostly Dilemma – A gripping short story.

Killed in a car accident that was no accident, Gillian hovers between this world and the next. She knows who murdered her. Can her broken-hearted husband and son catch the killer before it’s too late?

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