Narrowboats & A Lost Fur Coat

Hello from Ottawa, Miss Penny speaking! To say I’m traumatized is putting it mildly–the cause, grooming–dog language for a haircut; my first time. I expected a trim and a good brushing. I don’t like to brag but my coat was long thick and gorgeous. It bounced when I ran along the hall. Well, there’s no bounce now—shorn I am, almost to my skin. Susan, my boss didn’t say much when the groomer handed me over; she smiled and hugged me but she couldn’t hide the OMG look on her face and I heard %&^# under her breath. In last week’s blog, Susan said March and the thought of spring made her nervous—it has snowed all week and here I am freezing cold with no fur coat. The prissy purple knitted coat just doesn’t cut it. Oh well, Susan reassured me my fur coat will grow back and I will bounce along the hall once again. Over to the boss… Poor Miss Penny, a shocking and sad outcome to the first grooming, but we’ll survive. Psst! She didn’t mention she hates being brushed and her undercoat was matted.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt from Endings and Beginnings – Book 1 of the Narrowboat Romance Series. Narrowboats and canals are common in Britain and they have quite a history going back to the 18th century. Dirt roads, horses and carts or boats on rivers carried supplies. Shallow water, rapids and waterfall made some journeys difficult. Narrow canals and locks had to be built to by-pass these areas and join waterways. Before engines horses pulled the 7ft wide by 70ft long narrowboats along the towpath beside the canal—in the story Katie and her dog Buddy walk along the towpath. These journeys took weeks so the whole family took up residence in a small cabin at the rear of the boat and acted as unpaid crew. During the wars, the waterways became neglected and commercial traffic declined. During the mid 20th century old narrowboats took on a new life converted into pleasure craft and ultimately boat builders built new ones. Read more….

My online course First Sentence to First Sale is progressing but in the middle of making a video lecture my front tooth broke and the dentist extracted the remains. Video filming has come to a temporary halt. However, I bought a new microphone so now I feel professional and filming will start again soon.

Books I’m reading: I finished Debbie Macomber’s Sweet Tomorrows and now I’ve turned to something more challenging in literary fiction, Wayne Johnson’s novel First Snow, Lat Light. You realize the book is a page-turner when the first scene opens with a fourteen-year-old boy coming home from school as he does every day. His mom standing at the front room window as she always does. Except on this day, she is not at the window. Inside the house, everything looks normal but his parents are gone. The author need not tell us; we sense they will not return. A typical early season Newfoundland snowstorm is brewing and young Ned is alone. I’m hooked!


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