Sounds of Costa Rica

Hello from Ottawa. Upon my return from Costa Rica, I expected to find spring, but Mother Nature gave us another blast of winter. That sounds dramatic, a few sprinkles of snow hardly constitutes winter. Only a few days ago I complained about the heat. Playa Garza Costa Rica was beautiful but hot, too hot for my taste. 😎. Hum… complaining again. So you ask, Where do you want to go? If it’s too much like winter in Canada, too hot in Costa Rica and if you recall too wet in Britain. The answer is simple, quit complaining. 😉. Experiencing different places and climates gives me great material for stories.

A day at Casa Totem in Costa Rica starts at 5:30 a.m. with a morning chorus of songbirds, monkeys and lizard and other unidentified sounds. Stepping outside the casita, the morning light flickers through the palm leaves. It feels comfortably warm and a soft breeze brushes my cheeks. The subdued morning light brightens and yellow streaks of sunshine highlight the hummingbirds on the purple flowers. Each morning Rita, my holiday companion, and I walked along Playa Garza Beach. The sound of the Pacific Ocean replaces the morning jungle. The rhythmic waves swirl around our feet and warm our bare toes as they squish into the soft wet sand.  The sun lifts into the cloudless blue sky, its heat already strengthening, promising a hot day. Back at the casita, we enjoy an exotic breakfast of juicy pineapple, tart star fruit, dragon fruit, mango and the sweetest watermelon on earth, mixed with homemade Casa Totem Kefir. As the morning passes, we drip with heat and restrict movement to turning the pages of a book and with great effort climbing the steps to plunge into the swimming pool. By 3 p.m. the heat abates just before we melt into a puddle with thoughts of never returning to normal. At 5:30 the sun sets and we can breathe again.  The evenings are pleasant and cool for sleeping. But sleep does not come easily at first. The night jungle is a cacophony of unusual sounds. The first night I was convinced there was a monster gorilla outside our casita, the whooping, grunting and shouting could have been Godzilla. The loud terrifying sound was a small monkey, no bigger than a cat, (to put the scene into perspective, imagine a domestic cat that roars like a lion). Dogs are friendly but semi-wild and bark lengthy conversations from one pack to another, perhaps warning of night predators. Just when you think you can nod off the rooster starts crowing and the waking jungle gets even louder, but surprisingly we have slept and welcome the cool early morning. Despite the noisy creatures, other than birds, we rarely see these animals. Only once did we see monkeys, a family in the tree above our car, mother, father and baby. The male defends his family by climbing to the top of the tree and peeing on unsuspecting tourist, trying to get a glimpse of his family. I can imagine it is an experience one doesn’t forget. We were lucky and daddy monkey ignored us. Our experience of Casa Totem, Playa Garza was wonderful.

Note: Casa Totem, Playa Garza is the home of my son Mike and his wife Daniela, the casita is a lovely self-contained cabin listed on Airbnb.Click for details Casa Totem.  If you are looking for a quiet relaxing vacation, this is the perfect place and Mike and Daniela are welcoming hosts.

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