Fog in My Living Room!

Fog in my living room! First, I must mention that I hate housework, so I indulge in a cleaning lady, extravagant but worth every penny and I can get on with writing, which as you know is my passion. A couple of days ago I realized that the workman were on my balcony. If you remember back in April, I told you about the jackhammer noise as the balcony repairs continued on the building. Well, they moved around to my balcony this week.  I am in my office busy writing away on the new Sophie series, which is coming along nicely I’ll talk about that later, and the drilling starts… the noise coming from my living room is indescribable but that is not all. I decide to go check and the living rooms is so full of white fog I can’t see to the window. The fog is white cement dust. I had left the patio door open. Now here is my point, the guys working know the results of this drilling; they wear masks and protective gear; I felt sorry for them working in those conditions but not as sorry as I might have been had they done the courtesy of pulling my door shut; maybe they are not allowed to touch the door, or maybe they are just men and didn’t think. Whatever the reason, I am cleaning my living today. Grrr! 

Writing Updates: Forgive the repeat from last week but several readers asked me about the background for the new Sophie series.  Sophie Romano was the protagonist in Ruins in Silk and a character from The Blue Pendant. Sophie left the Sackville Hotel to become a nurse in the Great War. The story so far… Sophie is training to be a nurse. In 1915 nurses trained for three years but did you know as a probationer the training comprised scrubbing floors, doing laundry all menial tasks. Fast forward eighteen months and Sophie is nursing when a young doctor appears, a lost love from Italy, Carlos from Ruins in Silk. If you would like a free e-book of Ruins in Silk Click here

Books I’m Reading…. Fiction – I am two thirds of the way through my favourite mystery authors Elizabeth George, a new Inspector Lynley and DS Barbara Havers, mystery. I love long books, books that take me to far away places or deep into mystery. The Punishment She Deserves is 690 pages long, a perfect summer read.

Nonfiction – Dorothea’s War Dairies of WWI for research and films of that war also help in the research. 

Would you like to write? I hear this comment all the time. “I want to write a book?” But few people actually write. First Sentence to First Sale is an online writing course that helps you decide if writing is for you and gets you started on your writing journey.  Due for release soon, we’re a little behind schedule so please stay tuned Click here for details


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“Her mother’s death sets a path of tragedy; betrayal, misguided love and even murder ” 

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