Miss Penny’s Opinion!

This is Miss Penny, Susan’s assistant. I know I need a hair cut, but remember what happened last time? Anyway I asked Susan if I could write the blog today because I have an opinion I would like to share about boredom. Yes, dogs can get bored and have opinions. I listen to Susan’s stories over and over again and hush don’t let Susan hear me say this but it can get boring. It occurred to me that maybe, there comes a time when you get fed up of hearing about how the stories are progressing or when a book is to be released, at least I get to hear the story you have to wait until it’s published. Love’s Endings and Beginnings is coming soon. Sorry! I mentioned it again.

So changing the subject I have an opinion about not paying attention, which resulted in me being locked out of the apartment causing a very boring hour of my time and I could be traumatized for life. We live in a condo apartment and disposing of garbage, rubbish, or trash, (depends where you live) I know for a little dog I’m quite well informed, takes place in a tiny room that has a hole in the wall at the end of the hall. When Susan ties up the garbage bag I lie in wait. If I’m really fast when she opens the door I can whip out and run down the hall, I have to be fast because the condo rules don’t allow pets off leash. On Friday I was fast, but then something odd happened, Susan disappeared and the apartment door was closed and I was on the wrong side. Well, I sat there not knowing what to do; I don’t bark. I barked once and it scared me, so I just sat there until I heard Susan calling me my pet name, Penny-Penny, that means she wants me to come. I’m the other side of the door, I wanted to yell. Her voice became quite frantic, did she think I’d jumped off the balcony or perhaps someone had stolen me, doubtful we live on the ninth floor. Finally, she opened the door, oh my goodness, she was beside herself hugging me and whispering she was sorry. My tail was wagging so hard, we call it my happy tail. It was so good to be home, on the inside of the door.

Writing Updates: Susan is working on the book cover design.

Books I’m Reading: Fiction My latest read is historical fiction Gill Paul’s No Place for a Lady, set in the mid1800s. A time when ladies could accompany their husbands to war. The conditions were terrible and it’s hard to believe these gentle-women moved from fine drawing rooms and china teacups to canvas tents, ankle-deep in mud without china teacups or tea or any other supplies and still dressed in silk gowns.



Nonfiction: The Author’s Guide to Cover Design by Stuart Bache



Writing Courses: First Sentence to First Sale  Thanks to the Apple Store workshops. I have all the material and just need to blend the slides with the video. 

Would you like to write? I hear this comment all the time. “I want to write a book?” But few people actually write. First Sentence to First Sale is an online writing course that helps you decide if writing is for you and gets you started on your writing journey.  Due for release soon, we’re a little behind schedule so please stay tuned Click here for details

The books are available at online retailers. Click the title, make your choice

The Blue Pendant Book I     Anna’s Legacy Book II    Sarah’s Choice Book III

First in series The Blue Pendant  on sale on  2.99 A perfect summer read 560 pages of reading pleasure

Anna’s Legacy and Sarah’s Choice E-book at all online retailers $4.99

Check out the synopsis on My Books page. A great Book club read.

A gift of an e-book Ruins in Silk prequel to the trilogy. A perfect summer afternoon read. And the opportunity to sign up for Susan’s Reader’s Group.  

“Her mother’s death sets a path of tragedy; betrayal, misguided love and even murder ” 

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