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I knew it, I knew it! I am naked. This is Miss Penny, again, Susan is busy having an epiphany—whatever that is—as you can see I had a haircut, more like a skin shave, but I have to say my face and tail, nick-named happy tail because it wags very fast, both look good and the shaved part was inevitable as my fluffy undercoat had matted. I can’t say I like the look but it sure is nice and cool. Thanks to   Max & Kat’s Great place for doggie daycare and holiday stays. So this week has been boring as I mentioned Susan had this epiphany, judging by the reading aloud and the new comments about London in the Great War the epiphany seems to be about the Sophie series. After discovering that London was bombed by Zeppelin airships in 1915 causing death and injuries to civilians not unlike the blitz of WW2, Susan has decided that the first book in the Sophie series will be about London, which means Sophie won’t go to war until Book 2. In my opinion, and as we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, dogs have opinions, I think this is brilliant as the stories of London at war, on the home front, are heartbreaking and inspiring. Well, that’s it for today, I think Susan will be back next week. I almost forgot, if you would like to sign up for Susan’s Reading Group she will gift you an e-copy of Ruins in Silk just click here Read about Sophie’s young an tragic life, from privileged young woman to hotel maid. Even then she was strong and resilient, or if you read the book or just want to join the reading group without the book click here.

Writing Courses: First Sentence to First Sale  Thanks to the Apple Store workshops. Apologies for the delays. As is often the case there is far more work than expected. But it is coming soon.

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“Her mother’s death sets a path of tragedy; betrayal, misguided love and even murder ” 

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