Will It Ever End?

Will it ever end, is exactly how I felt this week. The writing part of a book is easy and fun. However, to get a book to market the work seems never-ending. I know I’m a bit of a purist, which isn’t good for business but makes me feel good. We all know Amazon is a massive company with an equally huge market share so I try to spread the wealth. I think it is important to support local businesses and for books that is a local printer and local bookstores.

Once the writing is complete, usually in a Microsoft Word document, I convert it into a book format with a cover designed to suit the interior size; one for e-Books and one for print books. Easy-peasy! Well, not quite. I send my books, the print version, to three different places for printing, for three different reasons.

A local printer for my personal inventory; books fairs, local independent bookstores and my local fans. Ingram/Spark, the largest book distributor in the world because they supply Chapters/Indigo and with a little luck, Waterstones and W.H. Smith in the U.K. And, of course, we mustn’t forget Amazon’s worldwide reach for both e-Books and paperbacks.

Here is where the never-ending part enters. Each of these printers has a different set of specifications and often the difference is a couple of millimetres. Frustrating! I tackle Amazon first and, although I hate to say it, I can understand why they do so well. Amazon was easy-peasy. I uploaded the files, proofed the files, Amazon approved them and the book was up for sale in 24 hours. Next, I called Gauvin Press in Gatineau, a great family business. But it took five days to get the specs sorted and the order in. However, in their defense, this was my first order. It will be faster next time. Okay, still not finished, on to Ingram/Spark. This is scary and the opposite to Gauvin, there is no personal contact, everything is automated, which means everything has to be exactly to their specifications or you might get a strange looking book. The preparation took some time but the ordering process only took twenty-four hours.

And that note, dear readers I shall conclude my never-ending story of printing a book. When Love Ends Romance Begins Both e-Book and paperback are available now on Amazon http://mybook.to/whenloveends And, I will have print copies in my hand Oct 20th. Updates about the launch at Susan’s Reading Group News

Writing Updates:  The Christmas edition of The NarrowBoat Romance Series, Christmas at Lavender Cottage continues, not as fast as I would like for reasons explained above.

Books I’m Reading: Fiction: I finished reading Susanna Kearsley’s The Winter Sea and the conclusion made me weep, so sad, but realizing there were about thirty more pages to read, I thought things might change although I couldn’t see how. But Ms. Kearsley had a wonderful and unexpected twist at the end. Fabulous book! My current read is Lisa Jewelle’s Then She Was Gone a different kind of book. A contemporary story about a mother who mourns her missing fifteen-year-old daughter years after her disappearance. The story is holding my attention and I suspect there are many twists and turns to this thriller.

Nonfiction: The Emotional Wound Thesaurus – A writer’s guide to psychological trauma – By Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglishi. This is an extremely helpful book for writers because it explains how traumas affect peoples behaviour. A nasty or even evil character has a back story and a writer needs to know that story. You will see this unfold in Christmas at Lavender Cottage as Olivia’s past explains nastiness.


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