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Tea, Conversation and Reading, Nice title don’t you think? Miss Penny speaking. Susan and I are giving a little tea party on Sunday to celebrate the release of the new book When Love Ends Romance Begins. I am very excited, Susan called me a socialite not sure what that means, but it has something to do with meeting people and my happy tail because it wags so fast. Lots of people and lots of petting for me. You can buy a book for $15 or it is available on Amazon, e-book and paperback. We sent out emails but if we missed you, here are the details. See you on Sunday.

Sunday, November 4th  –  3 pm – 5 pm  The Britannia, 415 Greenview Av Contact Susan for apartment

Writing Updates: Christmas at Lavender Cottage is finished and in the editing stage. I enjoyed writing this book, its light, romantic with a bit of adventure and a lot of suspense as Katie tries to make a perfect Christmas and I think we all know perfection is a recipe for disaster. Speaking of recipes, I had fun browsing the old recipe books and you’ll find a couple in the back of the book, including my coveted shortbread recipe.

Book News: I know I’m dating myself here but I wondered how many of you remember the Academy Award-winning actress, Sally Field. I loved the girl-next-door look and watched her movies and shows. In September she released a book, a memoir called In Pieces, Quote from the book description, “In this intimate, haunting literary memoir, an American icon tells her own story for the first time—about a challenging and lonely childhood, the craft that helped her find her voice, and a powerful emotional legacy that shaped her journey as a daughter and a mother.” I am intrigued by her story. Needless to say, this is on my reading list.

Books I’m Reading: Fiction: I finished The Address by Fiona Davis a historical time-slip novel, 1885 and 1985. Last week I wasn’t sure how about the 1985 part of the story. I need not have worried as it worked out well. In fact, I couldn’t put it down and finished it on Sunday afternoon. The story is focused around an upscale apartment building in New York, called the Dakota and although it had nothing to do with the story, John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived in that building. This book was an excellent read I can highly recommend it. A five-star read. My latest read is The Daisy Children by Sofia Grant another story of past and present. Based on a terrible tragedy in New London, Texas in 1937 when a school explosion killed hundreds of children and devastated a town. The story is intriguing but it’s too early for me to comment.

Nonfiction: Searching for family recipes.

New release: This weekend When Love Ends Romance Begins e-book is free on Amazon this weekend  Get your copy today







The books are available at online retailers. Click the title, make your choice

The Blue Pendant Book I     Anna’s Legacy Book II    Sarah’s Choice Book III

First in series The Blue Pendant  on sale on  $4.99

Anna’s Legacy and Sarah’s Choice E-book at all online retailers $4.99

Check out the synopsis on My Books page. A great Book club read

Writing Courses: I have put the marketing of these course on hold until after Christmas, Get Rid of Page Fright & Write – Course 1 is available at the discounted price of $47 at http://just-for-writers.teachable.com More updates on the other courses will come at the end of this year.

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