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My apologies for such a bland blog. WordPress has completely changed their platform with no instructions or helpline. I am so angry, I will be searching for a new platform but for today I cannot upload pictures so the words will tell the story.

Miss Penny speaking! My part of the blog will be short today as I’m not feeling well. Susan is trying to fatten me up because the vet said I’m too thin. My kibble tastes different, I don’t like it and it’s giving me a tummy ache. Susan says it’s higher in calories and is good for me, I don’t agree and there is an easy solution. I stopped eating, well not quite, I eat the chicken on the top and leave the kibble. I’m pleased to say Susan got the message. We took a trip to PetSmart and I have my old kibble back. But, I heard the word vet. I think that means another visit to Liston Animal Hospital; as long as there are no needles involved I’ll be fine. I’ve been left in my create again, several times this week. It must be party time as Susan was dressed up in sparkly clothes, she looks good. But, I don’t understand why I can’t go too. I’m usually the star attraction. Oh, I almost forgot about the excitement when a box arrived. The Christmas at Lavender Cottage books arrived early. Susan id making up gift packages with mugs and shortbread. I’ll let Susan explain what that is all about. I’m tired so bye for now, I will have a nap. Over to the boss.

Thanks Miss Penny, I promise not to change your kibble again. As Miss Penny says, I was excited when the books arrived. Christmas at Lavender Cottage features; a mystery, heartwarming Christmas celebrations and feel-good romances with a romantic ending. I also, shared some of my traditional recipes; one in particular,  Scottish Shortbread; a recipe I have never shared before so please give it a try. And, I am offering a gift package so you can share with your reader friends. A book, Christmas at Lavender Cottage, a featured coffee mug filled with homemade Scottish shortbread. All for $15. The book on its own is $10 as is the Coffee mug with shortbread. In view of the WordPress fiasco please take try the newsletter I will update what I can from there. Susan’s Readers Group News, click to subscribe.

My Work in Progress:

I have taken a bit of a break from writing but my historical fiction fans will be happy to know that I am reviewing Sophie and preparing to continue writing very, very soon.

Book News: 

I just looked at the 2019 releases and there are far too many to mention individually. Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel are releasing at least two, John Grisham has a new one and I noticed that several authors are releasing paperbacks. 

Books I’m Reading: Fiction: 

I am almost finished Kate Morton’s latest The Clockmakers Daughter I mentioned last week that it was not an easy read. Ms. Morton writes beautifully and there are few authors who could write this way, multiple, points of view, multiple time and place settings, all surrounding one house. As I read into the final third of the book things are coming together. This book is cleverly written and definitely worth the read.

Writing Courses: I have put the marketing of these courses on hold until after Christmas, Get Rid of Page Fright & Write – Course 1 is available at the discounted price of $47 at  More updates will come at the end of this year. 

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