Miss Penny’s New Year!

Miss Penny speaking. I’m not sure what all this chanting Happy New Year is all about, but as much as I love the excitement, I had to hibernate for a while. I thought the Christmas thing was fun because we did a lot of visiting and I was usually the star—I just love being the centre of attention. I say usually because at Frank’s place (Susan’s son) I have to compete with a large dog, Preston who is friendly but one paw flattens me and then there are these other creatures; just about my size but they growl under their breath, very rude, and make weird hissing sounds. They are cats. I mentioned them once before and they still don’t have manners or have improved their social skills. One of them, a chubby black and white cat has quite a temper and swatted at me with her paw, she thinks she’s a princess. Of course, she has no idea that I’m the real star.

Anyway, back to the New Year thing, it is a time to reflect and plan. Susan has been at the dining room table for two days writing lists and plans in a gold-colored book. I am ignored, even jumping up and giving my cute side-to-side look made no impression. This seems important and from what I understand there are three maybe four books planned for this year. Wow, that sounds ambitious and as Susan’s assistant, I will be busy too. I think there will be one or two more romance novellas—Susan says they are fun to write and her romance fans love them. The Sophie Series is back on track. Book one will be out this spring. And, watch out for the giveaway that is coming, a free book tracking journal, later this month. For more details subscribe to Susan’s Readers Group.

Oh, hold on, Susan is giving me instructions. The featured section of Books I’m Reading with book reviews and Work in Progress will now appear in Susan’s Readers Group News if you have subscribed it will appear in your Inbox on or near the 15th of the month. Please, rest assured Susan does not spam, one or two issues per month, nothing more. This allows Susan to be more detailed especially with reviews and keep you up to date with the general, book and author news and Susan’s progress with writing. Your comments regarding the change are not only welcome but encouraged. Your feedback is important and will influence Susan’s writing choices.

This is Miss Penny signing off and wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019!

New & Coming in 2019:

Serialization of The Narrowboat Romance Series on YouTube, listen or watch at your leisure, new episode on or near the first of the month. If you subscribe to Susan’s YouTube channel, you’ll receive automated notification of new episodes.

Susan’s Reader Group News upgraded with monthly useful interesting articles.


A downloadable Book Tracking Journal to keep track of books you’ve read.

A free copy of Ruins in Silk the prequel to The Sackville Hotel Trilogy and the new Sophie Series. Ruins in Silk is unique in that it links the two series together. It tells the story of a young Sophie, how and why she joined the staff at The Sackville Hotel and the Sophie Series continues Sophie life after she leaves the hotel to become a nurse.

Books: I have two copies left of Christmas at Lavender Cottage in stock and a good supply of When Love Ends Romance Begins Contact me 

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