Miss Penny Speaking!

Well, I am upset! Susan has pre-empted me. Me, the star. Saturday at 4 p.m. is my blog time and guess what, Susan is releasing the January edition of Susan’s Readers Group News at the very same time. Huh!

So I decided to rip this cushion apart. It’s quite therapeutic.

Susan tells me the newsletter should have been released on Wednesday but the constraints of time pushed it today. A likely story! No more cuddles for you Susan. I could run away from home, isn’t that what kids do when they are upset with parents? That’s not a good idea. It cold outside. I’ll chew the cushion.

Here is the link to today’s edition  Susan’s Readers Group News just give it a click. Although I am miffed, it is an interesting publication and I do get a very brief mention.

Don’t despair I will be back next week with a good story.

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