wonS ?

wonS, I bet you can’t guess that word? Miss Penny Speaking, I’m not good at spelling, I know living with an author I should be able to spell but remember I am a cute dog and cuteness does not predispose me to spelling. And, don’t tell anyone but Susan’s not that good at spelling. You should see the size of the dictionary that sits on her desk,  it’s bigger than me. Still wondering what that word is? Its snow spelled backwards because we had a whopping snowstorm this week, more shovelling, snowbanks as high as mountains, impassable roads and sidewalks and very cranky people and I suspect just the word *#!* is a four letter word. Unless, you enjoy winter sports or tobogganing and then snow will be your favourite word. 

We didn’t get out much this week, but I had an adventure, that’s me, nose in the snow, it felt good; I didn’t need my coat and boots. I hate wearing boots. Guess where I am? I’m on the balcony. I haven’t worked out how to get to ground level. Susan panics when I stick my nose through the opening, but she need not worry, even I can see it is a long way down.

Susan’s been busy working behind the scenes, updating the website and various marketing things. I’m amazed at the work Susan has to do to get noticed, let alone sell books. I’m trying to figure out how to help and I think cuteness is the answer, Susan needs to practice putting her head on one side or walk around with a stuffed toy in her mouth, people love it when I do that. Um… perhaps not.  Oops! I almost forgot Susan will be signing ….

Book signing!  Coles in Carlingwood Mall Saturday March 9th 11am – 2 pm



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