Indignity of Bathing

I know that people bathe or shower every day although I fail to understand why. Miss Penny Speaking, I had a bath this week and I didn’t see it coming, that won’t happen again. I’ve made a note of the preparation. First, the kitchen counter is cleaned off and a big towel placed on the counter. The yellow shampoo bottle replaces the dish detergent and the sink is filled with water. Next, Susan picks me up, cuddles me and whispers, she’s sorry. That should have set off warning bells, I get those kinds of cuddles before I go in my create, the prison with bars, but that’s another story. And then, I am unceremoniously dropped into the sink. It’s wet, I now have wet feet, I don’t even step in puddles, and that’s not all; water is sprayed all over me. Enough, I say to myself, I’m out of here and try to jump out but Susan catches me. Now, I am shivering as shampoo is rubbed into my fur, more water poured over me and finally I’m lifted onto the towel. This part I like, I exaggerate the shivering, Susan feels sorry for me, it works every time and I’m wrapped in a warm towel with cuddles. I’m thinking I’m okay until she gets the camera out and takes pictures. I wonder how Susan would feel if I took pictures after she washed her hair… Um… perhaps not.

Susan’s telling me to stop moaning and get on with writing news but there isn’t much to report. Susan has new stuff coming next week, a new episode #4 of The Blue Pendant on YouTube and a new edition of Susan’s Reader Group News offering a free downloadable Journal for Readers – Books I’ve Read. The first draft of Sophie is drawing to a conclusion. Next week looks like an exciting week. No bathing I hope!


A reminder to add to your calendar March 9th 11 am – 2 pm Susan is signing books at Coles in Carlingwood Mall.



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