Soothing Reiki

Miss Penny Speaking, I need a minute to bring my thoughts back; I am so relaxed. Sheila, one of my favourite people has just been from a Reiki session. Yep, Susan is a Reiki Master as well as an author. I’m not sure what Reiki is but I think it is healing energy and relaxation. I am rather lively and like to be the centre of attention. So when someone relaxes on the Reiki table and has Susan’s undivided attention, I have to make my presence known. At first I watch and listen to the soothing music, it is relaxing and I want to get up on the Reiki table with Sheila. Okay, now I’m being ignored—not a good idea. I fight the calming music and get my toys, the squeaky noisy monkey is the best one or the red thingy with a tail, that I can squeak and throw in the air as I run up and down the hall; if I can get my bone that’s even better as it makes a loud bang when I drop it. It isn’t long before Susan takes these toys away, but still no attention. I’m not done yet, my toe nails make a lovely clicking noise on the hardwood, if Susan tries to stop me I run away. But that soothing music gets to me and I finally curl up under the table and have a relaxing Reiki snooze. Ahhhhh…….Yawn!

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