My Paws are Soaked!

Really! Is this necessary!

My paws are soaked! Miss Penny speaking, I should be grateful that the weather has improved and our walking routine is almost normal. But, its wet and cold, soaking-dirty-melting-snow wet. At nine inches tall I feel every cold slash on my tummy—not pleasant. The puddles are the size of lakes and too big to jump over so the water creeps over my delicate paws and halfway up my legs. I only put up with it because I love to walk. But…..and this part is an insult…when we get home I am picked up in a most ungainly manner and dumped in the sink! Can you believe that?  My legs, tummy and paws are wet again. Susan says it’s because I’m dirty and she’s tired of washing the floors. Psst! It’s not that bad as the water is warm and I get cuddled in a soft towel while I dry. Well, that’s it for today. Susan has exciting news Sophie (working title) is finished and Episode 5 of The Blue Pendant is now available on YouTube. Read all about it in Susan’s Readers Group New out today. I know… she’s pre-empting me again!

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