Miss Glamorous!

Miss Penny Speaking, or should I say Miss Glamorous Penny. Although I say it myself, I look beautiful. Spa visits can be tricky. I shudder, remembering the first time. All I wanted was a trim, I was just a pup with a long black glossy coat. This woman came at me with clippers and, I’m naked. Susan wept and so did I; what a mess. Any mention of groomer sends shivers down my spine, but not anymore, Pet Agree in Kanata is amazing. (Just Google it) I should have guessed something was afoot. Susan brushes me regularly, but the brushing was getting intense. I love having my back brushes, oh, that’s heaven, but the rest of me, no way. Especially around my legs. I wriggle around and bite the brush, which is probably why I finish up at the spa. If Susan can’t brush me, my soft fluffy coat gets matted so to the spa it is and I look fabulous.

Susan is nudging me to tell you Kobo has a special on The Sackville Hotel Box Set, 40% off. A box set is all three novels in one so you get The Blue Pendant, Anna’s Legacy and Sarah’s Choice. Don’t forget the Giveaways when you join Susan’s Readers Group. And Episode 5 of The Blue Pendant is now available on YouTube.


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Episode 5 of The Blue Pendant series –  Mr Pickles Makes his Move  now available on YouTube. Can you help Susan get 100 subscribers to her YouTube Chanel?

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