Tissue Mischief!

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I’m a happy kind of dog, Miss Penny Speaking, but I can get into mischief. I’m not sure why but I love the feel of soft paper, especially tissues. This morning we had visitors, as you know I love visitors, except no one was paying any attention to me. ME! Miss Penny, ignored. So I looked around to see if I could get into mischief. I spotted it. A white tissue just popped up out of someones’s handbag. I snuck in grabbed the tissue and quietly carried it to my bed and ripped it into pieces. That got Susan’s attention, but not for long. All she did was take the tissue away from me and went back to talking. Huh… see if I care! I must think of something else. While I’m thinking I should tell you about the new book Prelude to Sophie’s War the new Sophie Series. Susan is very excited at she has the cover and although I’m a little ticked off at being ignored, I have to admit the cover is stunning. Here’s a sneak preview.

Prelude to Sophie’s War – A novel, first in the Sophie Series –


 Deep, hidden scars of a tragic childhood and romances gone wrong, bubble to the surface and haunt Sophie as she arrives in London to start nurse’s training during WWI. London cowers under bomb attacks from German Zeppelins. Innocent, terrified Londoners join shell-shocked, battle weary soldiers under Sophie’s care at Bartley Hospital. Battling her own demons she comforts others, risking her own wellbeing and nursing career. Will Sophie succumb to her demons or will she use them to strengthen her passions?


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1 thought on “Tissue Mischief!

  1. Audrey A. Ogilvie

    I think the cover is absolutely stunning ~ it couldn’t possibly be more suitable. Meant to let you know earlier. Miss Penny is a caution, as ‘they’ used to say!


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