Aha! Cuddles

Aha, cuddles! Miss Penny Speaking. When I’m not playing I am Susan’s assistant and I like to cuddle, so curling up with Susan while she writes, works well for me, I can supervise from this position. However, Susan’s not so keen, something about, it’s hard to type when I’m resting on her shoulder. I guess she needs to practise more, except she doesn’t and I get put in my bed. It does works when she is reading aloud. Reading aloud is all part of the writing process. I bet you didn’t know that; see I’m pretty smart. Once a book is finished and edited Susan reads it aloud, I get cuddles and a story. So, this has been a good week for cuddles. I have listened to Prelude to Sophie’s War from beginning to end and it is good. Sophie is a strong, determined woman, just like me. Well, sort of, I’m a dog and she’s a person. Although losing her father in a fire when she was only sixteen years old, left some nasty emotional scars. I don’t remember my father and I don’t have scars; it must be a people thing. That’s it for today, look out for Susan’s Reader Groups News next week. And, psst! I’ll let you into a secret… Susan has recorded a reading from Prelude to Sophie’s War due for release next week.

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