Play and Away!

No breaking news today: Noisy construction has delayed video recordings. But check out episode 7 of The Blue Pendant – Nothing is Fair in Love and War

Play & Away!

I love my walks, but I wish I could walk without my leash. Miss Penny speaking, I also like to play and being attached to Susan means I can’t run after birds and squirrels. I am sure they would like to play but I can’t get to them. Yesterday a cute rabbit ran by me, it took me by surprise and I almost choked, Susan said it was my fault for pulling, I say its animal cruelty. I only want to play with the rabbit. It’s been boring here. Susan spent all week formatting the new book and it’s ready for the Arc readers, whatever that is? Oh, Susan says it’s free advanced copy for feedback prior to the launch. Contact Susan this week if you’re interested as she’ll be away at the OIW Writers Retreat next weekend. WHAT! Susan away? I don’t like the sound of that. Where am I going? This is serious I don’t like being away from Susan. I think it’s rude not to tell me. I wonder if I’m going to Rose and Pierre’s house, that wouldn’t be too bad.

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