Bones – Episode 2

Do you like the title? Miss Penny Speaking, I think Susan’s writing talent is rubbing off on me as the bone story continues. It is summer and hot, very hot, so Susan and I work on the balcony, nine stories high with a gorgeous view of the Ottawa River and a lovely breeze. My bone is a Milkbone, doggy biscuits in the shape of a bone and just my size. I can take them out on the balcony, except there’s a big step and I can’t jump with it on my mouth without dropping it. So, I look cute and wag my happy tail, see the video, and Susan picks me up, but I drop the bone, anyway. It’s times like this that I realize I’m more person than dog. If that is true, then why doesn’t Susan eat Milkbones?  Not sure what Susan has been doing all week, there’s only one new announcement, but here’s one from me my first video. Cute & Happy Dog

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