Office Al Fresco!

Relaxing in the Summer Breeze

Office al fresco, what the heck does that mean? Miss Penny speaking, it means Susan has moved her office outside on the balcony. It’s pretty cool watching the windsurfers and sailboats on the river except when our upstairs neighbour chucks a bucket of water on their balcony, I’m not kidding it’s like a waterfall, not that I’ve ever seen a waterfall I’m repeating what Susan said, except I’ve omitted some unsavoury words. Psst! Oh yes, prim and proper Susan can swear when she gets mad, I have to cover my delicate ears. Back to al fresco. I like to peer through the hole and watch the people on the ground; they look about my size from up here. The breeze is nice and cool as it flutters through my fur. Well, actually there is no fluttering at the moment; I have matts. Not the kind you step on, but the kind that twists and knots in my furry coat. Susan tries to

I need a hair cut!

brush me but I’m naughty and won’t stay still. Well, it tickles and pulls and hurts when she gets to the matted undercoat. Do you know what she does next? She snips with the scissors; she snippety-snips through the matts—now I’m lob-sided. I look a mess and the groomer can’t see me for three weeks. If Susan keeps snip, snipping I’ll have no coat left and you know what that means. Buzzzzzzzz! That’s the sound of the electric clippers as the groomer shaves me naked. I tell you I am not looking forward to that. But for now I’ll enjoy the Office Al Fresco and watching Susan write, although she’s not doing much these days. Of course, she should be in

Susan’s mum granny Betty Celebrates 100 years June 21st. She’s amazing.

England preparing her mother’s 100th birthday party, but this corona thing is still around so she can’t go and is trying to arrange things within the British corona guidelines from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s not working too well and poor Granny is so disappointed. I feel so sorry for her. This bl**dy corona thing! See, even I’m swearing now. I’d hand you over to Susan, but she doesn’t have much to say. It has been a stressful week so maybe I’ll just sign off. Maybe you could just have a look or a read of one her books, she’d like that. Stay safe, everyone.


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Susan A Jennings: Author teacher and founder of Just for Writers providing workshops, retreats and groups for writers and founding member of The Ottawa Story Spinners a local writers group, who have published five volumes of the Black Lake Chronicles a collection of eclectic stories and articles. Susan likes to be involved in the local writing community and is currently the Past-President of Ottawa Independent Writers. Originally from the UK Susan is a long-time resident of Ottawa. She writes and publishes, short stories and cozy mysteries. Several of her short stories are e-published and the Blue Heron Mysteries, Books 1&2, which is a collection of Hannah Wilton (amateur sleuth) mysteries are available on Kobo and Amazon as e-books. Her new historical fiction, The Blue Pendant will be available as a paperback and e-book late November or early December

2 thoughts on “Office Al Fresco!”

  1. Dear Penny, i hope Susan is able to cut and comb through the matts of fur with the result not being too drastic. I have a similar issue with my Tabby Cat in wanting to trim her claws but she will not cooperate. Tell Susan to complain to the condo board about that upstairs neighbour throwing buckets of water down. It’s too bad about the challenges with writing and not able to travel to see loved ones. Let’s be thankful that we are alive and well – and able to communicate through electronic means. Keep enjoying that lovely view of the river and tiny people below 🙂

    Best wishes,


    1. Thank you, Theresa, I enjoy hearing your stories about cat, although i’m not too keen on cats because they hiss at me. Love Miss Penny
      I hope you’re doing okay, nice to hear from you, thank heavens we have Facebook to keep in touch

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