A Change of Plan!

A change of plan, Miss Penny speaking. First, I want this on record that I do not approve. As everyone knows, I am the centre of attention, after all I am a princess. It seems that Susan, my boss thinks that we need to revert to the original title Susan A. Jennings Author For the Love of Story the latter being the blog. Susan says, if I want to continue hosting the blog I must talk about books, writing, reading and fun stories about all her novels especially those in progress. She (notice I don’t use Susan or boss, that’s how miffed I am) has

Don’t mess with me, I’m miffed!

condescended to give me a line or two for my antics. Huh! Antics indeed! We’ll see about that. I noticed a new pair of slippers in the hall and they look particularly chewable. I could pee on the carpet, except we don’t have a carpet, so that won’t work. I could ignore her too. But that would be harder on me than you-know-who. So …. I, as the host of For the Love of Story, shall take second place and sulk. But, a message to my loyal fans, rest assured there will be consequences. Psst! I’ll make sure my stories sneak in—stay tuned.

February is Valentine month. Susan is featuring The Lavender Cottage a women’s fiction series with a love story. Individual books or the box set of three. A delightful and cozy read about love’s heartaches and joys, this series is full of warmth and happy endings.

Covers were the topic of the week specifically The Blue Pendant. Susan was considering changing the title to Anna. However, all the five star Amazon reviews  would disappear and it is incredibly difficult to accumulate reviews, so there will be a new cover but no new title

Work in progress!

Heart of Sophie’s WarBook 2 of the Sophie Series is getting very exciting. Sophie’s life is in turmoil, the worst since she arrived at Passchendaele. Sister Sin’s watchful eye is dangerous. Andrew is called away, could this mean a court martial? Who does Sophie’s heart belong to Andrew or Carlos? Only three or four chapters left. Can Sophie challenge her demons or will they destroy her? A hint, she comes face to face with her father in the flames. As for Andrew and Carlos, only time will tell. No spoilers, just teasers for now!

If you love historical fiction start with Sophie  Ruins in Silk the prequel to not one but two series, Click here e- copy of Ruins in Silk -The prequel and learn about Sophie’s young life in Italy and England only .99c in most online stores also available in paperback.

Sophie’s story continues in Prelude to Sophie’s War   – London 1915, German Zeppelin attacks are not the only thing Sophie battles at Bartley Hospital. Will her courage be enough to keep her sane and alive?


And…. Ruins in Silk is also the prequel to The Blue Pendant were we meet Sophie at the Sackville Hotel.

The Blue Pendant and Book 2 Anna’s Legacy  Book 3 Sarah’s Choice   All ebooks and paperbacks on Amazon. Please, pretty please, take a minute and write a review after you read the books. Thank you!

If you like the elegance of Edwardian society, bold characters, and decades-spanning adventures, then you’ll love this historical fiction trio.

The Sackville Hotel Trilogy – Ebook Box Set      Click here for details  

She defies Edwardian protocol. Avoids marriage, but loves twice. Anna’s epic story of a strong woman’s determination and courage spans two continents and three decades.

Classic trilogy, historical, family saga, from the drawing rooms of the Edwardian era to ruthless spies of the 60s Cold War.

Lavender Cottage books, now available as a series in e-book and e-book box set, also in paperback,  Click here for the whole series 

Second Edition e-books and Paperbacks

Susan’s Reader News  if you’d like to receive it in your Inbox click here. Issued 3 or 4 times a year.

Save Some for Me – A single mother’s memoir

Could you survive an abusive man and raise five children alone?

This was a brave, insightful, revealing, and well written book of what must be one of the hardest experiences any person can go through. The courage and grace with which you tell this story is a truly affective reading experience…….  Judge’s commentary: Writer’s Digest  

Click for the retailer of your choice.   Available in paperback or e-book.

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