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Susan is a Canadian author living and writing in Ottawa. Susan’s Bio

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The Sophie Series

Prelude to Sophie’s War – A captivating historical WW1 novel of love and loss

ISBN Print  978-1-989553-01-5

ISBN E-book 978-1-989553-02-2


A single mother’s memoir 2nd Edition

Save some for me: And what about you?

ISBN Print 978-1-989553-03-9

ISBN e-book 978-1-989553-04-6


The Sackville Hotel Trilogy

Book lThe Blue Pendant – Historical early 20th-Century fiction, love story and adventure

ISBN Print   978-1-987985-60-3    

ISBN e-book  978-1-987985-59-7


Book ll – Anna’s Legacy – Historical post-war 20th-Century fiction, mother and daughter relationship plus romance

ISBN Print 978-1-77302-519-3 

ISBN e-book 978-1-77302-520-9


Book lll – Sarah’s Choice – HIstorical mid- 20th Century, romance, loyalty and determination

ISBN Print  978-0-9959465-1-4

ISBN e-book 978-0-9959465-2-1


Prequel Ruins in Silk – Early 20th Century A story of triumph and tragedy the silk industry in Italy and Britain.

ISBN Print  978 -1 77302-066-2

ISBN e-book 978-1-77302-067-9



When Love Ends Romance Begins A novel of heartbreak, hope and a second chance at love. The first novel in Lavender Cottage Series

ISBN Print 978 – 0 – 9959465-6-9

ISBN e-book  978-0- 9959465-5-2


Christmas at Lavender Cottage – A Romantic Novella in The Lavender Cottage  Series.

ISBN Paperback  978-0-9959465-8-3

ISBN e-book  978-0-9959465-7-6


All these titles are available in print from Ingram/Spark – Lightning source in quantities or POD (Print on demand) or Chapters/Indigo carry all these titles. As an indie author registered as the publisher I can sell to libraries directly if preferred. E-book versions are available through OverDrive  

 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you experience difficulty ordering books.