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As a technically challenges older woman I often venture into places I am not comfortable with and YouTube is one of those place. However, after making some short videos from the launch readings of When Love Ends Romance Begins I ventured into longer ones and I have started to serialized The Blue Pendant Book 1 of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy, Each episode is narrated by me and covers one whole chapter. If you liked the videos please would you click the like button and maybe leave a comment.

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The Blue Pendant – First three episodes now available

Episode 1 – Anna in 1913 The Sackville Hotel

Episode 2 – Papa’s Little Girl Grows Up

Episode 3 – Best Friends Bill and Alex

Episode 4 – Friendships

The Lavender Cottage Romance Series (formerly The Narrowboat Romance Series)

Readings from the 2018 launch of When Love Ends Romance Begins

Reading 1

Reading 2

Reading 3

Christmas at Lavender Cottage Seasonal novella,

Reading 1