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Lavender Cottage Series 

Book 1 — When Love Ends Romance Begins – The first novel in Lavender Cottage Series. Click here

An unfaithful husband shattered her perfect life. Will opening a B&B give her a fresh start and a second chance at love?

Katie Saunders is devastated when her thirty-plus-year marriage ends in infidelity and divorce. And when a disloyal friend gets her fired, she reaches a breaking point and moves to a quaint English village. But as she makes friends and settles into a new home, she’s wary of her attraction to the elusive narrowboat owner with a mysterious background.

When her alimony payments come to an unexpected halt, Katie makes a desperate business move of launching a bed and breakfast. But as she starts to fall for the secretive stranger, her ex-spouse threatens to destroy everything she worked so hard to create.

Will Katie leave her painful past behind and find the bold beginning she so desperately needs?Katie’s journey has only just started as she struggles with her past and takes a gamble on her  future. Will the B&B be the success she expects and will she find love a second time?

Christmas at Lavender CottageClick here

 Romance and the Christmas spirit are on the brink of disaster. A troubled, deceitful and prickly guest arrives at Lavender Cottage B&B, just days before Christmas. A secret past has an unexpected romantic connection in Springsville. A missing necklace and false accusations threaten the joyful holiday, not just for Katie, but for an innocent family. Eager to share Christmas with the man she loves, Katie struggles with uncertainty. Will justice prevail? Can true love flourish?      Available your choice of retailer


Believing Her Lies – A Lavender Cottage book  Click here

Rumours and lies challenge Katie and Dr. Piers Bannister’s passionate romance and threaten a vulnerable Katie and the good doctor’s integrity. Set at Katie’s Lavender Cottage B&B, in a quaint English village, on the shores of a busy and vibrant narrowboat marina.  Order  now Click here Link to your favourite online book store.



New Box Set – The Lavender Cottage Books 1, 2 & 3  – A heartfelt women’s fiction series with a glorious love story any woman would embrace. 

She’s fighting the fall out of a failed marriage and trying to find herself. Definitely not ready for love, but a handsome mysterious narrowboat owner has her confused. Will opening a B&B business be her salvation? 

Katie Saunders is devastated when her thirty-plus-year marriage ends in infidelity and divorce. Reaching breaking point she moves to a quaint English village and opens a bed and breakfast.

She struggles to make the business thrive and prepares for a special Christmas celebration, a perfect time of year for Katie. But, when a troubled and nasty society lady arrives at the B&B, Katie’s business and her Christmas plans are in jeopardy. 

No stranger to betrayal and lies, but even Katie is shocked when she comes face to face with a jealous and dangerous woman, determined to wreck everything in Katie’s life; her business and her second chance at love.

Will Katie be strong enough to outsmart this woman, save her future and keep the man she loves out of the traitor’s grasp?

The Lavender Cottage Books – a heartfelt women’s fiction series with a glorious love story any woman would embrace.


Save Some for me: And what about you?

Could you survive an abusive man and raise five children, alone?

Judge’s commentary: Writer’s Digest —  This was a brave, insightful, revealing, and well written document of what must be one of the hardest experiences any person can go through. The courage and grace with which you tell this story is a truly affective reading experience……. Link to your favourite online book store.

Prelude to Sophie’s War – A captivating historical WW1 novel of love and loss

1915, London cowers under bomb attacks from German Zeppelins. Innocent, terrified Londoners join shell-shocked, battle-weary soldiers at Bartley Hospital. Nurse Sophie Romano battles her own demons as she comforts others, risking her nursing career and losing the man she loves….. Link to your favourite online book store.

The Sackville Hotel Trilogy – Complete e-book Box Set

Head strong, beautiful Anna as clever as any man, defies society, challenges marriage but loves passionately twice. She endures loss, betrayal, bullying, even murder that almost breaks her. An exciting historical trilogy that spans five decades and two continents; it is heartwarming and at times, heartbreaking…..



The Sackville Hotel Trilogy

Follows Anna’s life from Edwardian Britain to the Cold War of the 60s. The trilogy is filled with romance, modern history, and Anna’s determination to bring the Sackville Hotel into the modern age. Granddaughter Sarah must decide between a career as an artist and fulfilling her grandmother’s dream. Readers will not be able to set this book down until they have come to the end. It is a wonderfully successful conclusion to an excellent tale. Box set available in e-book only.

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The Blue Pendant – Book 1 of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy

An excellent series for book clubs

It’s 1913, times are changing but not fast enough for naïve, nineteen-year-old Anna as she seeks adventure and independence; inspired by her globe-trotting uncle and his gift of a blue pendant, Anna begins her exciting new life as a clerk at the prestigious Sackville Hotel, Bexhill-on-Sea. Thwarted by the love challenged by charm and trickery, bullied by a perverted man.  The Great War brings sadness. Anna’s dream is at her fingertips until it is ripped away. Can despondent Anna find the strength to realize her dreams? Please note the paperback cover is different to the ebook cover shown   Buy ebook or paperback

Anna’s Legacy – Book 2 of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy

Secrets and hidden agendas lurk quietly below the surface as Anna and Bill begin their life as hoteliers in post-WWII Britain. Anna loves Bill passionately and almost too late loves her daughter. Guarding her own secret she discovers it is trifling compared to an even darker, murderous secret seeped with hatred and revenge. Anna’s intuition warned her, but no one believed her. Will Anna’s heart be ripped open, destroying everything she holds dear?   Please note ebook and paperback covers are different.Click here

Sarah’s Choice – Book 3 of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy

Fiercely loyal to her grandmother but intensely passionate about art, Sarah’s talent is second to none. Facing incredibly difficult inner turmoil she ignores her true love, Lord Thornton’s son and heir, by loving a British Secret Service, rogue spy. The choices Sarah makes are critical to both her life and those she loves dearly.   Please note ebook and paperback covers are different. Click here

Ruins In Silk – Prequel to The Sackville Hotel Trilogy

The death of her mother is only the beginning of a series of unimaginable tragedies that face young Sophie when the family moves from Italy to Britain. She bonds with her father who grooms her to take over the business at the silk farm and silk mill. Just 16 and in love, Sophie is teetering on the brink of an enormous tragedy that she may not survive.

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Book Tracking Journals

Playtime! While waiting for Anna’s Legacy – Book II of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy I learned Adobe InDesign and designed two book tracking journals.

Have you ever bought a book you’ve already read?

Here’s the solution!

A Book Tracking Journal 1 For Ladies who Love to Read

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A Book Tracking Journal Book II – For Literary Ladies Who Love Fine Books.

Each book includes thirty-five quotes from well know, mostly classical female authors.

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Susan’s Short Story SeriesGillian'sGhostlyDilemma72dpi copy

Gillian’s Ghostly Dilemma – A gripping short story.

Killed in a car accident that was no accident, Gillian hovers between this world and the next. She knows who murdered her. Can her broken-hearted husband and son catch the killer before it’s too late? 


A Grave Secret by Susan A. Jennings


A mysterious wreath appears on Jack’s grave and reveals a secret past not even Susan knew about.


The Angel Card


A short story about friendship and the mystique of intuition. An innocent angel card reading between three friends uncovers paranormal events and murder.


Little Dog Lost by Susan Jennings


A true story of faith and trust between a dog and his owner. Hope is almost lost as Susan searches for Buddy Boy. Lost and cold in the snow and ice of a Quebec winter, he waits and waits.

View the entire series of books, Blue Heron Mysteries & short stories by Susan A. Jennings  Kobo Books & Amazon Kindle


Blue Heron Mysteries by Susan JenningsThe Blue Heron Mysteries – Book 1

Hannah and husband Tom Wilton spend summers and winter weekends at Blue Heron Cottage on the shores of Black Lake, Ontario Canada. Amateur sleuth Hannah manages to get mixed up with strange happenings around the lake; murders, theft and kidnapping.

BlueHeron MysteriesBK2 -300

The Blue Heron Mysteries – Book 2  

Hannah and friend Maggie’s artistic talents almost lead to disaster. Jealousy and greed lead to another murder. Detective Brindle finds twisting evidence that turns Maggie into a suspect.

Books 1 and 2 Available through Kobo Books & Amazon


Black Lake Chronicles Vol. 1,2,3,4 &5

Black Lake Chronicles Vol. 1 by Susan JenningsBlack Lake Chronicles 2Black Lake Chronicles 3Black Lake Chronicles 4PiecesOfEight_BookCover_vol5_FScaps copy

Black Lake Chronicles Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6  Authored by The Ottawa Story Spinners.
An eclectic collection of short stories, fiction and nonfiction. To purchase your copy, of any of the Black Lake Chronicles series; please contact me. 

As the founder of TOSS, The Ottawa Story Spinners a writers group dedicated to write short stories, fiction and nonfiction, which is compiled into the Black Lake Chronicles, every year a new volume, 2017 volume six.







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