Launching Anna Specials

Tomorrow Sunday, April 30th is Launch Day


Anna continues her journey in Book II Anna’s Legacy and to celebrate I’m having a party at 2 pm 415 Greenview Av Ottawa with refreshments, door prizes and special deals on books. Don’t live in Ottawa or can’t make the party e-books are 2.99 or less on both Amazon and Kobo until May 3rd. Links below. Party details here

My blog will be brief today as I toil over a hot stove making squares, and cookies, cutting cheese for the cheese tray and frying potato chips. I’m thinking I got you at frying potato chips–who does that? I lied my favourite 300 dollar store COSTCO provided the goodies. Have you ever noticed that when you walk into COSTCO you plan to spend maybe, $100 and with a blink of an eye the cashier says, $350 please? How did that happen?

Joking aside, I hope you can make the party, good food, good company and a few teasers from Anna’s Legacy and lots of books.

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Book News! Free e-book – Prequel to The Sackville Hotel Trilogy – Ruins in Silk is available from KOBO.Book I – The Blue Pendant and Book II – Anna’s Legacy book II is currently featured on Kobo.


Ruins in Silk – 

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Green so green!

Green so green with sheep and lambs an English spring. Yes, I’m still in England and yesterday was very wet and today is sunny with blue sky. The rain is a blessing, and the reason why England is so green even at the beginning of March and the daffodils are in full bloom.

February has been my best month so far for book sales. All titles and several short stories, which was prompted by the release of Anna’s Legacy Book ll of The Sackville Trilogy. 

I always feel as though I am being sleazy when I ask for reviews. But the truth is that reviews have a big impact on Amazon ratings and obviously on reader’s choice. I love it when readers tell me how they enjoyed one of my books or engage in conversation about characters. Telling Amazon how you enjoyed the book is hugely helpful and I am very grateful.

Book News:

Free e-book Ruins in Silk e-book is currently free on my website. And on together with a Free short story Little Dog Lost, Reiki Found

The Sackville Hotel Trilogy Book 1 The Blue Pendant and Book ll Anna’s Legacy are available from Amazon click on the title or most online retailers.

As I am away and out of my usual routine I thought I would add another excerpt from Anna’s Legacy just a little teaser.

Excerpt regarding hotel life and a duke’s daughters wedding.

James arrived before eight the next morning to prepare the guest accounts. Miss Jenkins knocked on his office door.

“Mr. Lytton, the duke is asking for his bill.”

James looked with surprised. “That is good news Miss Jenkins. I am working on his account now. Please show the duke into my office and order coffee and pastries.” Miss Jenkins frowned and hesitated it was unusual for guests to settle accounts in the office. “Now please!”

“Good morning, Your Grace. Please take a seat. I am working on your account but there are some rather delicate financial matters that I thought would be better discussed in the privacy of my office.”

The duke’s face turned a bright pink. “And what matters would they be?” He fidgeted in his chair and sniffed. The tension in his face relaxed slightly as the maid entered with a tray of coffee.

James stared at the duke, sensing his deep discomfort. “Coffee sir? Perhaps you would like something a little stronger with your coffee.” The duke’s eyes widened making no attempt to hide his eagerness. “Yes, Mr. Lytton that would be pleasant. I have a trying day ahead of me.” James went to his cabinet and took out a bottle of brandy and two glasses. The duke downed the brandy in one gulp. James left this glass untouched.

“Sir, the matter I wish to discuss with you is regarding some of your guests. Miss Jenkins tells me that several guests have requested that their hotel bills be added to your account. I would like to confirm that this has your approval.” Continue reading Green so green!