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April 1st, I am looking out of my window at snow, and this is no April fools joke. Last week’s blog, On The Cusp of Spring, was meant to imply winter was over. So depressing and to be honest it is hard to be upbeat but I will try to be grateful for two things today. 1: Sarah’s Inheritance (working title) Book III is well underway and 2. Kobo has included Anna’s Legacy in their new and promising book promotion.


I am grateful that Kobo is featuring Anna’s Legacy Book II of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy for the next two weeks, which will lead into the official launch at the end of April, details will be announced through Susan’s Reader Group email. Click to register.

Here is the introduction to Anna’s Legacy.

Anna’s Legacy: Book II of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy opens a new chapter in Anna’s life. While the first book in the trilogy, The Blue Pendant, was inspired by real events in the lives of Anna, Bill and Alex, Anna’s Legacy takes that foundation in an entirely fictional direction and none of the stories presented in this book are founded in any way upon real events. Anna’s Legacy continues Anna’s journey and although the story could be a standalone, it is written as a sequel with minimal explanations of the events preceding the start of this novel. Therefore, it is recommended that the books be read in order. I had fun writing Anna’s Legacy and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whether it’s a review, an email or a comment, I always appreciate hearing from my readers. Without readers, I would not be an author. I love chatting about my characters, those that you like and engage with and those that you loathe—Mr. Pickles, comes to mind as the most hated character in The Blue Pendant.

My email address and comment box can be found on my websites: Book Clubs: A Reader’s Guide and Questions for Discussion can be found at the under Book Clubs.

Book News! Free e-book – Prequel to The Sackville Hotel Trilogy – Ruins in Silk is available from KOBO. Book I – The Blue Pendant and Book II – Anna’s Legacy book II is currently featured on Kobo.

Between Novels

Between Novels – I seem to have been between novels for much too long and I am itching to get on with book three of the trilogy. Anna’s Legacy is so close to release. I can’t find the right cover design. I was spoiled with  Ruins in Silk and The Blue Pendant both covers wowed me immediately. I have faith and I know the designer will work his magic.

When writing fiction I live the story with the characters, which makes it difficult to have two fiction books in my head at the same time, even though book three is about Anna it will be different. Anna’s story draws to a close and granddaughter Sarah grows up and embarks on her own journey, following her grandmother’s footsteps in a different time and different era.

Writing is as essential to me as food and water. Appeasing my hunger for writing I have switched to nonfiction, which I can write between novels. I am writing about my life, a light-hearted look at life as an indie author. I hope this will be of interest to authors and readers alike. Whatever the results it keeps me busy.

Book Clubs

The Blue Pendant is an ideal book for book clubs. I am pleased to announce a downloadable PDF document listing suggestions for discussion and questions for book clubs. Book Club Info. There are a limited number of copies of The Blue Pendant available for loan to book clubs in Ottawa. Contact Susan for details.


Busy Bee!

Busy Bee, a strange title but describes my week. Technically I am between books so to speak. I have made some changes to the covers of The Blue Pendant and Ruins in Silk to reflect, The Sackville Hotel Trilogy, changes. Book two of the trilogy is now complete and at Tellwell for them to work their magic with cover design and formatting;  book three is outlined and ready to be written. However, although the author in me is anxious to get on with book three, I have trouble multitasking stories, which means I need to wait before diving into The Heirloom Gem – Book 3. So, as if I don’t have enough to do, I took a course on journal design from an amazing woman, Kristen Joy Laidig, and then taught myself Adobe InDesign. What a massive learning curve but I did it, at the expense of tearing my hair out, I think I have a few bald patches but who needs hair!  This led to twisting my, very talented artistic, daughter Rosemary’s arm into working with me to design a colouring book, complete with quotes from The Sackville Hotel Trilogy, work is underway, completion date early 2017.

What to do with my new-found talent? Being an avid reader and book collector I designed not one but two book tracking journals for people like me who can’t remember which books they’ve read or where they are in a series, or whether or not they liked or disliked the books and authors, and much more. Each journal includes thirty-five quotations from famous authors, mostly female and in journal two all are from the classics.

A Book Tracking Journal For Ladies Who Love to Read Book I
A Brilliant Idea! To keep track of books, authors, facts and figures
Each journal quotes thirty-five famous authors
Each journal quotes thirty-five famous authors


Journal 1 is available now at Amazon and can be delivered before Christmas. Journal 2 will up by Monday.

I will have a limited supply here in about a week.

BIG EVENT! Remember I mentioned that I had been interviewed and recorded for my first podcast, very exciting; the podcast goes live on Monday December 5th. Log in to, and listen to my conversation with the lovely Alexandra Amor of about my writing life.

Excerpt from The Blue Pendant

The Blue Pendant
The Blue Pendant

THE BLUE PENDANT – A historical novel and love story that spans an ocean from Britain to Canada.

Here’s a sneak preview of the cover. The official launch will take place in Ottawa during the first week of December. Details to follow.
The Blue Pendant will be available in print and e-book format from all book retailers worldwide at the beginning of December. If you would like to pre-order please go to Susan’s contact page



The Blue Pendant – Excerpt from Chapter One:  Anna has arrived at the staff entrance of The Sackville Hotel, Carter is taking her to meet her peers, the hotel staff………..

…………..Carter’s change in tone, kind but firm, perplexed her. She was proud of her Uncle Bertie’s association with Mr. Pickles, and her position was superior. She mused, was that bragging? She had the feeling Carter was giving her a warning.
Entering through the back door, Carter led her through a warren of passageways; Anna felt akin to Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The hot, damp, smell of wet linen mixed with soap and carbolic, filled the hallway, followed by an unexpected hint of lavender and rose-water wafting from an open door. Steam swirled around a young maid as she ironed. Anna gave a shudder—a memory better forgotten. The quietness and lack of people felt odd. As if Carter had anticipated her query, he said, “It’s tea time. They’s in the staff dining hall.”
The laundry smell faded and the pleasant aromas of roasting meat, onions and some kind of baking filled Anna’s nostrils, making her aware that she hadn’t eaten since an early breakfast. Approaching a door opposite the kitchen she heard a man’s harsh voice, she felt herself recoil Continue reading Excerpt from The Blue Pendant