Needs Must When the Devil Drives!

Needs must when the devil drives! Now there’s an expression I haven’t heard in a long time. The expression was first written in Assembly of Gods by John Lydgate, a monk and poet in 1420, and Shakespeare used it in All’s Well that Ends Well. My recollection is not as impressive as these gentlemen but it brings a loving thought of my grandmother cheerfully making this proclamation before starting a task she would rather not do. As an indie author I find myself doing tasks related to publishing and marketing I would prefer to delegate but circumstance dictate that I learn the process and do it myself. My latest venture is making movies, not the big screen kind but little movies or videos to teach writing online courses, promote books or tell a story through audio books.  The learning part is daunting, but thanks to modern technology and Apple’s iMovie with live sessions at the Apple store, it’s not as daunting as I expected. So although my need was driven by the devil of marketing, the outcome has been phenomenal. I like making little movies and my first attempts are on YouTube. I hasten to add that much improvement and polishing is required. The online writing course First Sentence to First Sale is coming along, although if you remember I have a jackhammer on my balcony, which negates live recording during the day, but I am progressing.

Books I’m Reading

Fiction: I finished Anne Perry’s Echoes of Murder, which had too much back-story in the middle, but Ms Perry always hooks me in the beginning and the end was as suspenseful as always. I haven’t started the novel I spoke of last week, Elizabeth George’s The Punishment She Deserves. It is sitting prominently on my bookshelf but I might wait until the summer to read that as it is delightfully thick and long; the kind of book you immerse into for days or weeks. Susanna Kearsley, an excellent and talented Canadian author has just released her new book Bellewether. Ms Kearsley writes time-split historical romance novels. I attended a workshop on this subject facilitated by Ms Kearsley in Ottawa. She spoke about how she wrote the novel Bellewether, so I am looking forward to reading it.  

Non-fiction: Is reading for research about nursing in the First World War and no new books this week.

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