Playing Sock!

Playing sock is my favourite game, Miss Penny speaking, well almost, chasing squirrels is my most favourite but Susan won’t let squirrels in the apartment.Umm…I wonder why? Anyway back to socks, I hope I’m not boring you. In the past we’ve talked about me pulling socks of Susan’s feet, this is different. No! I don’t have a foot fetish, well maybe a sock fetish. Psst! I do love

Playing Sock!

socks, in or out of feet. We play sock at night when we go to bed. Susan teases me, her fingers creep slowly towards the sock and I wait, wait, wait, I’m concentrating very hard with one eye on Susan and one eye on the sock… here it comes, slowly, take it easy I must leap before Susan grabs the sock, her fingers are getting closer, steady, the timing is critical. I pounce on it, I’ve got it I pull, Susan pulls and the battle has begun. The sock is stretchy, I almost fall off the bed; wouldn’t that be embarrassing. I’m still pulling and yank it right out of

I almost fell off the bed!

Susan’s hand. Now, I shake the heck out of it. Hee-hee! I’d like to see Susan do that, her head would drop off. Um… no, that wouldn’t be good. Sometimes she makes a puppet and that really gets me going, as it turns into a thing and I leap on it, yesterday I almost grabbed Susan’s fingers, phew that was a close one. Oh, here comes the evil eye, reminding me I’m supposed to be talking about writing. I have to say Susan has been exceptionally cranky, slamming-door cranky, I might be exaggerating just a tad, poor Susan was upset. I gave her lots of licks. The Sophie’s War covers are the problem.The first book is done and looks great. Prelude to Sophie’s War – 2nd edition  – London 1915 Sophie starts her nursing career, nursing bombed out mother’s and children as well as soldiers. German Zeppelin attacks are not the only thing Sophie battles at Bartley Hospital. Will her courage be enough to keep her sane and alive?

But, book two not so good. Plus someone ripped the design apart. Psst! I hate to say it but rightly so, it was terrible. However, finally great news; we have success. A totally different design for the Heart of Sophie’s War and it looks great. Sophie achieves her goal of nursing soldiers in the Great War, the horrors are more than she bargained for on the Western Front.  

Then just like magic, the cover for book three, not yet written, just happened.

Who’s the guy?

We have  a mock-up of In the Wake of Sophie’s War scheduled for late 2022. Now the interesting thing about this book is that you have to read books one and two before you understand the cover of book 3. Who is that guy and what is he doing?

That’s all folks, Miss Penny and Susan signing off. See release date below.

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