Three in a Bed!

I survived the weekend without Susan, Miss Penny Speaking. It was tough, but I can take it. Psst… don’t tell Susan, I had a great time. Rose and Pierre have a little backyard, I can run in and out of without a leash. In the next yard was another little dog. How cool is that? And, we went for walks and I met hundreds of friendly dogs, perhaps not hundreds but there were a lot of new friends. Bedtime was a bit different. At home it’s just Susan and me. I ran upstairs, that’s neat, no stairs at home, Rose put me on the bed and we settled quite comfortably, then Pierre got in bed too—three in a bed—definitely warm and cosy, if a bit crowded. I was in the middle and had to wiggle and push my paws to get enough space. Rose and Pierre didn’t seem to mind although I noticed they were clinging to the edge of the mattress, muttering that they didn’t have much room. I used the sad tearful eyes, missing home, and they were fine. Susan picked me up on Sunday night, of course I was careful not to be too happy, but I was very happy and a little nervous she might leave again. So, that night I tried to sleep on top of Susan, making sure she could not get up and leave. Susan wasn’t too happy about that. I just used the sad eyes guilt trip. Susan says I’m talking too much, she has some messages for you.


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First the good news, Susan has recorded a reading from Prelude to Sophie’s War A real treat, it will be released later this week. A peace offering, because of a hiccup the release of Prelude to Sophie’s War is delayed until July but is still available for pre-order on Amazon and Kobo






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