Did you miss me?

Did you miss me? Miss Penny speaking, you may have noticed I was absent last Saturday, I was miffed there was no blog. But Susan had a bit of a melt-down,

Susan’s melt down

true… she almost lost it. Our neighbour above us, we live in a high-rise condo, has been throwing buckets of water and piles of soil off their balcony. The reason you won’t believe this… they have a big dog and they do not take him for walks.

On Susan’s knee calming her down.

Need I say more! After complaints from various neighbours, the condo management ordered them to clean up the mess, which they did all over us. Susan was busy writing and I was snoozing in my bed when we heard this loud, vigorous scrapping coming from above and then a deluge of ‘soil’ fell onto our balcony. So, with good reason, Susan lost it. However, the management


responded quickly and Sue, our wonderful condo cleaning lady, came up and swept everything up and scrubbed the balcony with industrial cleaner and disinfectant, which Susan thought smelt pretty good. Psst! I hate to say it but I preferred the other

No walks is criminal. I like my walks

smell, but then I’m a dog, sort of. Everything turned out well and the neighbours are behaving. I am so sad for that poor dog, I cannot image not going for walks, and meeting my friends, today I met a big black and white dog and then a small dog, even smaller than me. It would be nice if we could play together. Susan is giving me the what-about-writing look. The first chapter of The Heart of Sophie’s War is coming along, and lots of research about WW1. Did you know that it wasn’t just the terrible injuries that killed the soldiers but most often infection from the soil? The soldiers tramped on, lived on, and fought on mostly farmland soaked with manure and that caused the infections, a silent killer. Even I cringe at that thought.

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Three in a Bed!

I survived the weekend without Susan, Miss Penny Speaking. It was tough, but I can take it. Psst… don’t tell Susan, I had a great time. Rose and Pierre have a little backyard, I can run in and out of without a leash. In the next yard was another little dog. How cool is that? And, we went for walks and I met hundreds of friendly dogs, perhaps not hundreds but there were a lot of new friends. Bedtime was a bit different. At home it’s just Susan and me. I ran upstairs, that’s neat, no stairs at home, Rose put me on the bed and we settled quite comfortably, then Pierre got in bed too—three in a bed—definitely warm and cosy, if a bit crowded. I was in the middle and had to wiggle and push my paws to get enough space. Rose and Pierre didn’t seem to mind although I noticed they were clinging to the edge of the mattress, muttering that they didn’t have much room. I used the sad tearful eyes, missing home, and they were fine. Susan picked me up on Sunday night, of course I was careful not to be too happy, but I was very happy and a little nervous she might leave again. So, that night I tried to sleep on top of Susan, making sure she could not get up and leave. Susan wasn’t too happy about that. I just used the sad eyes guilt trip. Susan says I’m talking too much, she has some messages for you.


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