Wind up my ….!

Miss Penny speaking as promised I’m back, well, I know I never went away, but I had to share my spot with Susan’s Readers Group News. Me, the star! I’m over it now.

Maybe not!
I’m cold!

I’m told mid-January to mid-February is the coldest time of the year in Ottawa, no kidding! The ground is covered in 80cm of snow and we experienced, -40c with the wind chill. And about that wind; Susan and I are out for a walk and I squat—to you-know-what—and suddenly the wind catches my back legs and I’m doing a handstand Cirque de Soleil style, very disconcerting and then, I’m just trotting along and the wind catches me again and whips me around in a circle. That’s it, enough of that, time to go inside, especially when Susan started laughing. I gave her the look and hustle my butt inside. I wonder if Cirque de Soleil hires dogs? Just a thought as it seems I have acrobatic talent.

I’m just figuring out what a box-set might be. Susan’s been working on this all week, which means I get ignored, just so you know I notice these things. She is putting all three books of The Sackville Hotel TrilogyThe Blue Pendant, Anna’s Legacy and Sarah’s Choice into one e-book. Wow! That’s one big book 365,000 words a marathon read launching in February.

I almost forgot I need to ask a favour because Susan is too shy to ask. Plain and simple, please ‘like’ the blog, Facebook page and YouTube videos. It makes a big difference in Susan’s rankings. And if you have a moment to comment or write a review, this has an enormous impact on Amazon, Indigo and Google, rankings. Thanks! Bye for now until next week!

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ARC – Readers Wanted for Susan’s Launch Team

ARC—Advanced Reader Copy is a pre-launch copy of a book.

I am looking for 10 – 15 readers who would like to be part of my Launch Team. As a privileged member of the launch team, you will receive an advanced e-copy of The Blue Pendant, a historical fiction; time period,1913 -1947. In return, Susan would greatly appreciate your help by writing a book review for the official launch day.

In a nutshell, the story is about a spirited young woman who defies tradition and seeks adventurous independence. Complicated by the love of two men, two world wars, two countries Britain and Canada; Anna struggles to follow her dreams over a period of three decades.

The novel will be available in the following format, Kindle, Kobo or PDF. Sorry, I am not able to provide advanced paper copies. The book is quite long, approximately 500 pages, so it is a time commitment. If you would like to join the advanced reader launch team, please fill out and submit your name and email address on the Contact Page and I will send you the details.

As you may gather, the launch date is getting closer. I find myself holding my breath thinking about it. But just this week I allowed myself to get a tiny-weeny bit excited. I received the Round 1 proof from the publisher and it looks like a book. I don’t have the cover yet, but that is coming soon.

Praise for Tellwell: I can’t believe my luck in finding this publisher in Victoria B.C., imagesTellwell Talent. I was quite nervous having heard conflicting stories about the publishing industry. I can’t praise Tellwell enough, for their reasonable prices, expert and friendly advice, plus the helpful, smart and efficient service. So far they have delivered on time, whether it’s a phone call, an email or proof copy. The owner Tim Lindsay took the time to answer all my questions before I signed up and has stood by all his answers. Kimberly, the lady who co-ordinates between the author and designer, is amazing. I may add I think there is something saintly about her personality because she is always pleasant, understanding and very patient. For those of you who are readers and not writers, I should explain that after spending months or even years writing a novel, authors get somewhat over protective and a tiny bit touch, about their work. It’s similar to a mother bear protecting her young. Grrr! Growl as you may, Kimberly greets you with reassurance, kind words and a smiling voice. All this to say I can highly recommend this company for anyone who is looking for assisted self-publishing. Contact Tellwell.  

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