Whacky Words!

Whacky Words! Miss Penny Speaking that might seem odd coming from a dog because I can’t talk, I can bark although I don’t do that very often, the noise scares me. I may not speak but I understand several words. Hungry means dinner’s on the way, Ah, she’s so cute means some loving is coming, good girl means I’ve done you-know-what in the right place and I get treats. Oh yes, and treats means a milk bone or tasty morsel. Where’s your baby, means go fetch my pink lamb that’s usually at bedtime. So, why am I talking about words? Susan has been embroiled in words this week, 352 thousand words that’s how many words there are in The Sackville Hotel Trilogy Boxset, three books in one (e-books). However, last night just as they were being uploaded Susan discovered some chapters in the wrong order, talk about words… well, the words I heard were not for my young ears… it was not a pretty sight. Susan’s okay now and the boxset will be ready later today. By the way, body language works just as well as words. I get most of what I want by looking cute. Susan says to tell you the next edition of Susan’s Readers Group News will be out this week. Bye for now!



Strong, beautiful Anna as clever as any man, defies society, challenges marriage but loves passionately twice. Survives betrayal, bullying, even murder that almost breaks her. An epic saga that spans five decades from Edwardian Britain to the 1960s Cold War. Heartwarming and at times heartbreaking. Kobo.com



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Wind up my ….!

Miss Penny speaking as promised I’m back, well, I know I never went away, but I had to share my spot with Susan’s Readers Group News. Me, the star! I’m over it now.

Maybe not!
I’m cold!

I’m told mid-January to mid-February is the coldest time of the year in Ottawa, no kidding! The ground is covered in 80cm of snow and we experienced, -40c with the wind chill. And about that wind; Susan and I are out for a walk and I squat—to you-know-what—and suddenly the wind catches my back legs and I’m doing a handstand Cirque de Soleil style, very disconcerting and then, I’m just trotting along and the wind catches me again and whips me around in a circle. That’s it, enough of that, time to go inside, especially when Susan started laughing. I gave her the look and hustle my butt inside. I wonder if Cirque de Soleil hires dogs? Just a thought as it seems I have acrobatic talent.

I’m just figuring out what a box-set might be. Susan’s been working on this all week, which means I get ignored, just so you know I notice these things. She is putting all three books of The Sackville Hotel TrilogyThe Blue Pendant, Anna’s Legacy and Sarah’s Choice into one e-book. Wow! That’s one big book 365,000 words a marathon read launching in February.

I almost forgot I need to ask a favour because Susan is too shy to ask. Plain and simple, please ‘like’ the blog, Facebook page and YouTube videos. It makes a big difference in Susan’s rankings. And if you have a moment to comment or write a review, this has an enormous impact on Amazon, Indigo and Google, rankings. Thanks! Bye for now until next week!

Please note: Books I’ve Read and Work in Progress is now featured in Susan’s Readers Group News

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Susan’s website – http://susanajennings.com

 The Narrowboat Romance Series.- Readings from the book launch

Susan’s Readers Group News –

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Mugshot, I’m famous, no I didn’t get arrested. Miss Penny speaking, I thought I might as well take over. Susan’s busy again. Before I forget the Kobo.com 40% off until Aug 27 Promo code AUG40. 

Last week we talked about editing and poor Susan ate her words. She was almost ready to upload the new course First Sentence to First Sale when a friend pointed out a couple of typos, which allowed all the other typos that were hiding, as typos do, (every writer knows what I’m talking about) to jump off the screen and have a party. It was intense around here. I need say no more. I’m getting quite clever with this humour thing, don’t you think? 

So what does this have to do with mugshots? Nothing actually, but in the middle of this editing frenzy Susan’s son-in-law, who thinks I’m very cute, has started a new promotion business and because of my cuteness, my photo is now on a coffee mug, along with some of Susan’s book covers. How neat is that? That’s all for this week, time to play.

What! I said I was going to play! Now you are mad at me! This white fluffy stuff is perfect and it’s never-ending, I can pull and pull. Oh, I’m not supposed to destroy cushions. 


Writing Updates: Not much creating this week, too much, left brain editing. I’ll be back to writing next week.

Books I’m Reading: Fiction – I finished Michael Ondaatje’s Warlight. It was okay, a bit disappointing. I had trouble getting into the story. My latest read is Gill Pauls’ Another Women’s Husband I’ve only just started it so it’s too early to tell. It is a time-slip novel, Princess Diana and Wallis Simpson are the main characters, an interesting concept.

Nonfiction: – Nothing this week.

Writing Courses:First Sentence to First SaleCourse One is delayed but it shouldn’t affect the release date of August 31st.

Shout out: 40% off on all three trilogy books The Bue Pendant, Anna’s Legacy and Sarah’s Choice at Kobo August 23 – 27. Promo code AUG40  Kobo’s Home page, and you’ll get 40% off when you check out. What a great deal!

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“Her mother’s death sets a path of tragedy; betrayal, misguided love and even murder ” 

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