Living in a Sauna!

Living in a Sauna, I stole those words from Susan, this is Miss Penny speaking. I have no clue what sauna means. I guess as an author’s assistant I should improve my vocabulary, but I am a dog, some of the time and a princess most of the time. Psst! Susan frequently forgets the latter. I’m putting my doggy brain in action to find the definition of sauna. It absolutely has something to do

Me, searching the dictionary.

with summer weather and sticky heat. Ottawa has had a humid season I understand the heat part, as I have to stretch out on the cold floor to cool off. But, what is sticky? That must be a two legged thing. It seems to be associated with copious amounts of huffing, puffing and hand fanning the face, very annoying, and a sort of rag doll stance accompanied with ‘Oh it’s hot.’ On occasions it includes dabbing sweat off the forehead and neck. Dogs don’t sweat so I can’t relate. In extreme cases, when ‘living in a sauna’ is repeated multiple times, I have witnessed the ripping off of clothing, not always a pretty sight, this is

Ha! No this isn’t Susan.

followed by a statue-like pose in front of the fan, set on high. Of course, more huffing and puffing with a few ‘Ah, that feels good!’ This is very disturbing behaviour. I hate the fan, it tickles my fur and irritates me and I don’t see the connection with a sauna. I have concluded the definition of sauna is ….A place where hot, irritable, sweaty (I might add sticky here) semi-naked humans are forced to congregate. It doesn’t sound like a nice place to live. I’m getting the evil

What!? This is a sauna.

eye and a raised eyebrow. As far as writing this week, Susan is moving forward with book four of Lavender Cottage and marketing the Sophie’s War books. For more author news and treats check out Susan’s News  featuring a free e-book, articles and reader treats.

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Save Some for Me – A single mother’s memoir

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I’m Back!

I’m back…as one gets older and I’m not admitting to getting older, I find multitasking isn’t as easy as it was in my younger days. As a single parent of five kids, believe me, I know all about multitasking. However, the kids are long gone and it seems so have my multitasking skills. I had to take a break from blogging and The Sackville News and Updates to concentrate on completing Sarah’s Choice Book III of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy.

Drum roll please drrrrrrr……Last weekend I put the last period in the last sentence of the last chapter of the manuscript. followed by a few revisions and yesterday I hit the send button and off it went to Mark, my wonderful editor. I am happy to say we are on track for a December 1st launch of Sarah’s Choice. Look out for news, previews of the cover and giveaways as the launch comes closer.

As I hit that last period I had mixed emotions. I have spent many, many hours with

Bexhill Train Station Photo courtesy of www.postcards/bexhill

Anna. We meet at The Sackville Hotel in 1913, she is a young innocent woman of nineteen, challenging societies proprieties of marrying as she seeks adventure and independence. I laugh with her, cry with her, rejoice and celebrate and fall in love; through all the ups and downs of business and love, lots of love romantic and family until she reaches her seventies and passes the hotel to others. No spoilers!

Click the titles to buy  The Blue Pendant Book I   or  Anna’s Legacy Book II    


More details and read the synopsis of Anna’s journey. Warning…could cause sleep deprivation.


Free e-book available Ruins in Silk prequel to the trilogy. A perfect summer afternoon read.

“Her mother’s death sets a path of tragedy; betrayal, misguided love and even murder ” 

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Between Novels

Between Novels – I seem to have been between novels for much too long and I am itching to get on with book three of the trilogy. Anna’s Legacy is so close to release. I can’t find the right cover design. I was spoiled with  Ruins in Silk and The Blue Pendant both covers wowed me immediately. I have faith and I know the designer will work his magic.

When writing fiction I live the story with the characters, which makes it difficult to have two fiction books in my head at the same time, even though book three is about Anna it will be different. Anna’s story draws to a close and granddaughter Sarah grows up and embarks on her own journey, following her grandmother’s footsteps in a different time and different era.

Writing is as essential to me as food and water. Appeasing my hunger for writing I have switched to nonfiction, which I can write between novels. I am writing about my life, a light-hearted look at life as an indie author. I hope this will be of interest to authors and readers alike. Whatever the results it keeps me busy.

Book Clubs

The Blue Pendant is an ideal book for book clubs. I am pleased to announce a downloadable PDF document listing suggestions for discussion and questions for book clubs. Book Club Info. There are a limited number of copies of The Blue Pendant available for loan to book clubs in Ottawa. Contact Susan for details.


ARC – Readers Wanted for Susan’s Launch Team

ARC—Advanced Reader Copy is a pre-launch copy of a book.

I am looking for 10 – 15 readers who would like to be part of my Launch Team. As a privileged member of the launch team, you will receive an advanced e-copy of The Blue Pendant, a historical fiction; time period,1913 -1947. In return, Susan would greatly appreciate your help by writing a book review for the official launch day.

In a nutshell, the story is about a spirited young woman who defies tradition and seeks adventurous independence. Complicated by the love of two men, two world wars, two countries Britain and Canada; Anna struggles to follow her dreams over a period of three decades.

The novel will be available in the following format, Kindle, Kobo or PDF. Sorry, I am not able to provide advanced paper copies. The book is quite long, approximately 500 pages, so it is a time commitment. If you would like to join the advanced reader launch team, please fill out and submit your name and email address on the Contact Page and I will send you the details.

As you may gather, the launch date is getting closer. I find myself holding my breath thinking about it. But just this week I allowed myself to get a tiny-weeny bit excited. I received the Round 1 proof from the publisher and it looks like a book. I don’t have the cover yet, but that is coming soon.

Praise for Tellwell: I can’t believe my luck in finding this publisher in Victoria B.C., imagesTellwell Talent. I was quite nervous having heard conflicting stories about the publishing industry. I can’t praise Tellwell enough, for their reasonable prices, expert and friendly advice, plus the helpful, smart and efficient service. So far they have delivered on time, whether it’s a phone call, an email or proof copy. The owner Tim Lindsay took the time to answer all my questions before I signed up and has stood by all his answers. Kimberly, the lady who co-ordinates between the author and designer, is amazing. I may add I think there is something saintly about her personality because she is always pleasant, understanding and very patient. For those of you who are readers and not writers, I should explain that after spending months or even years writing a novel, authors get somewhat over protective and a tiny bit touch, about their work. It’s similar to a mother bear protecting her young. Grrr! Growl as you may, Kimberly greets you with reassurance, kind words and a smiling voice. All this to say I can highly recommend this company for anyone who is looking for assisted self-publishing. Contact Tellwell.  

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