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A Big Accident!

I’m not keen on the upheaval and it turns out for a good reason. It was a box that caused the big accident.

A very big accident and I was so scared, Miss Penny speaking.

Susan has been redecorating and refurnishing and there are boxes and people all over the place. I’m not keen on the upheaval and it turns out for a good reason. It was a box that caused the big accident. I’d been eyeing this monster box in the dining room. I knew it was trouble; it had a strange feel to it, which got worse when Susan and the neighbour took it apart.

And then it happened! SLAM! BANG!


Susan screamed and hit the floor slam!

I ran to her as fast as I could. She pulled her leg from under her and just sat there on the floor. I crawled onto her lap. Next thing, two nice women, called paramedics, arrived. I wasn’t sure about these strange people carrying big bags, but they were nice and let me stay with Susan. I watched them gently wrap Susan’s foot in a splint and bandage before helping her get up. Phew! I thought that was close. 

And that was when things went wrong.

Susan called William, her grandson and he picked me up. I wriggled and cried, ‘I want to be with Susan. I need to look after her.’ It was too late. Susan was lifted on to a big bed thing and the paramedics took her away. 

William took care of me until Rose and Papa Pierre came to take me to their house. I don’t know where they took Susan. Rose said to a hospital to get her ankle mended, she has been gone a long time.

I have fun here, but I miss Susan. 

Licks, cuddles and extra hugs

Miss Penny

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  1. Tanya Jenkins says:

    Oh Susan, hope you’re on the mend. Will you be home soon, or are you there yet? Please let us know if you need anything. Do take care. Hugs, Tanya ❤️

    1. Susan says:

      Thank you, Rose says Susan I’d bring well taken care of.

  2. Teddy Williams says:

    Teddy sends Susan his warmest wishes for a speedy recovery and would like her to have this noseprint * as a symbol of his deep regard for any person beloved by Penny. He may also be feeling just a tiny bit guilty for jerking his human off her feet last week and dumping her in some mud. He was only trying to scare off a big dog that had no business to be walking on his street. He feels sure that Penny will understand.

    1. Susan says:

      Thank you Teddy. Oh dear it sounds as though you had a bit of an accident too. I’m the mud I think you might be in trouble

  3. Nancy says:

    Oh, Miss Penny. I can hear your concern. I’ll bet it was all very frightening for you. I know how much you like joy and fun and calm and, no doubt, that vanished when Susan was surfing across the floor on the box. But Susan will be home soon, good as new. And in the meantime, take full advantage of the extra spoiling things you get when you’re with Rose and Papa Pierre!

    1. Susan says:

      Thank you Nancy you are my other favourite person

  4. A&B says:

    Dear Susan: Your Cirque du Soleil act was entirely too ambitious to begin with. We encourage you to tone it down and wear appropriate shoes to guard against these dangerous tumbles.
    ask Wardrobe for a new costume, too. When you’re back on the boards, rehearsals will be difficult at first. With enough practice, your landings will improve and your shattered ankles will be a thing of the past. All of us anticipate your complete recovery and triumphant return to the stage. Love, love, love!

  5. Audrey A. Ogilvie says:

    Oh Miss Penny, I am so, so sorry. I wrote to Susan right after the big accident and have been thinking of her ever since. Yes, the best advice is never to run to answer a telephone. I told me three grandogs the story about Susan’s fall. Jasper, Dewey and Wilbur all sent her licks and woofs. I know you love being where you are but maybe by now you are back at home, nursing Susan. I send you both my very best love. XX/OO

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