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A Tale of Teeth

Every time I go to the vet I get this comment ‘so many teeth’, well not anymore.

A tale of teeth, Miss Penny speaking. 

Every time I go to the vet I get this comment ‘so many teeth’ well not anymore. You might want to prepare yourself for a horror story. I kid you not! Susan says I’m being dramatic. Well, she wasn’t the one at the vet, so she had better be quiet, this is my story! Psst! I’m a bit cranky, the after math of aesthetic.

On the left – Those Two Teeth are Gone!

The first sign was an unusual visit to the vet.

I mentioned it in last weeks blog. Then I had a bath and a brush followed by the morning of horror. It started off with our usual walk but when we got home I didn’t get any breakfast, not a nibble, there was no left over bits of kibble or buried milk bones, everything had gone. Next I’m put in the car, starving, but Susan didn’t care. You know how I hate the car. As soon as we turned in to the parking lot I saw it the sign Liston Animal Hospital. Again! Then I remembered, dentistry, teeth cleaning. 

I’m quaking in my boots, or would have been if I had boots on, and then I am dragged, quite literally dragged into the vets without Susan. Can you believe it, she drove off—gone again!

I settle down a bit, which means I stopped trembling. Everyone was nice and kind, even sympathetic, patting me and calming me. Lots of attention—I’m liking this. Until my front paw is shaved, a big bare grey spot, and there’s a prick, I’m not liking this part and then I nodded off, dreaming of breakfast, chasing squirrels and snuggling up to Susan. 

I’m glad I was sleeping

I woke up still at the animal hospital

Susan was no where to be found. I felt weird, I was floating, stoned, someone called it. My mouth tasted funny and I was missing a couple of teeth but I was too sleepy to care.

Susan’s voice woke me up. I’m taken into the waiting room. There she was, thank goodness, I tried to run and greet her but fell flat on my tummy, front and back paws sprawled in an ungainly fashion. I couldn’t move. What the heck happened? Susan picked me up and cuddle me. I couldn’t even hold my head up. I did manage to wag my tail, that was a relief. 

And guess what? 

The vet handed her the bill and she went quite pale with a look of ‘that much really!?’. Psst! If I had been able to smile I would. I don’t think I’ll be having this done again anytime soon. Very sleepy……

I’ll just sleep it off!

Many licks and much Love

Miss Penny

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