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All Tied up in Knots

I kid you not, the chair wrapped around me; I was just waiting to go out for my walk and this happened. Check out links below to The Blue Pendant audio book

All tied up in knots, Miss Penny speaking.

I kid you not, the chair wrapped around me; I was just waiting to go out for my walk and this happened.

What happened? I am stuck!

Winter here in Ottawa means

I have to wear a coat and boots, the coat is okay but the boots feel funny on my feet, so when Susan gets me dressed I walk around trying to flip the boots off—it doesn’t work. Once outside I’m all right. Psst! Don’t tell Susan but I actually like the boots outside, it keeps the stinging salt off my paws.

The revolving door continues in this house,

more visitors and on Friday a bunch of ladies came over …well … You should have heard them? Chatter, chatter, chatter … they never shut up, they could talk the hind leg off a donkey—now that is the weirdest saying, I overheard Susan use it yesterday. After I had lots of pats and cuddles and a few under the table treats I thought I’d curl up on my bed and have a nap. Well, not a chance, over and above the loud chatter comes raucous laughter. Opening one I eye I checked the wine bottle but there was no wine, these ladies were just having fun. I left them to it and went to my bed in the office, where it was quiet.

Oops! Here come the evil eye.

I have not mentioned writing. The current Lavender Cottage book is behind schedule, which isn’t surprising. The Blue Pendant audio book is now available at some stores but is still being distributed. I put some of links below, scroll down and you’ll find more details in the latest edition of Susan’s Reader News. 

Licks and cuddles

Miss Penny

P.S. There may be some delays in my blog and Susan’s Reader News as changes are coming in the next two weeks. Stayed tuned. 

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