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Animals in War Memorial

Discover Ottawa’s heartfelt Animals in War Memorial, honoring the bravery of mules, horses, and dogs in war, including a nod to Miss Penny’s cozy courage. A touching tribute to true heroes.

A serious Miss Penny today.

As I complain about going out in the first hint of cold and snow, Susan reminded me of the mules, horses and dogs who did amazing things in war and still do today. 

Did you know there is an Animals in War Memorial right here in Ottawa in Confederation Park? 

Designed by David Clendining Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Sierra Pacheco

Isn’t this magnificent a sculpture of a dog, a canine just like me.

Well, not quite, his head is bigger than me. A hero, brave and courageous, and I salute my paw to all animals that gave and still give their service in terrible wars.

 I’m no hero. I try to protect Susan, but mostly I’m too chicken and hide behind her legs or tremble with fear until she picks me up. I am very good at cuddling and comforting. Does that count?

Susan says I’m a wuss. Um, that’s a new word for me. She says it’s because I didn’t want to go out in the cold. Hey! It snowed this week and it was cold, slushy and wet.

Why do I have to leave my cozy bed to walk in the cold?

Well, maybe I am a wuss when you think of what my fellow canines went through in the wars. I’m doing best.

I endure being buttoned into my doggie coat, leashed and forced into the cold. Half way round the short walk, this none-hero put her paws in the air and refused to move.

Susan carried me along Carling Avenue until we found a patch of green grass that I could you-know-what. I walked home, picking my paws gingerly through the slush. Hey, that was brave for me.

Susan did lots of research about animals in war when she wrote the Sophie Novels, but there were no dogs in that series. The Lavender Cottage series is the only series with dogs, and there are four dogs in that series. None are heroes, just lucky and grateful dogs like me.

But…please note, I am not in any of these books. Maybe Susan will make me a hero in the new Lavender Cottage book. Yep, Katie and Piers are deep into another adventure. 

Special gratitude to my fellow canines in war.

Licks and thanks

Miss Penny

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