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Book Review – The Signature of All things by Elizabeth Gilbert

I thought this week we would take a break from The Blue Pendant as I am in danger of repeating myself. The editing is on-going and no decision has been made as to the style of pendant for the cover design. Next week look for some more back story of The Blue Pendant

Earlier this week, I received an announcement from Elizabeth Gilbert that her novel The Signature of All Things is to be made into a PBS TV series. How exciting is that?  This book is one of my favorites and Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favorite authors. She is also releasing a new book Big Magic in September. Check out her website  I can also recommend her Youtube videos, these will interest both readers and writers.  

Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert

The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert

I read this book last summer.  I remember it was a hot, humid and misty morning, in Ottawa. It doesn’t take much, for me to find an excuse to read. I made a second pot of coffee and settled in to read the last  150 pages, knowing that I would not be able to put it down until it was finished. I loved this book, very different, very well written. If you check the jacket it will tell you, this book is about love, adventure, discovery and the travels of Alma Whittaker, a scientist and botanist in the nineteen century. All that is true, and the summary in itself would make a wonderful story. But what it does’t tell you, is the incredibly deep, emotional, inner journey Alma experiences.  She searches into the mysteries of evolution in plants and mosses, subsequently she uncovers interesting truths about herself. This is an amazing book.

Reader’s News

HarperCollins Publishers has started a new site for purchasing ebooks. Every day they offer new exciting and inexpensive books, bestsellers and debut novelists. The site is called Bookperk or BP and it is well worth joining. There is no cost and the daily selection goes right into your inbox.

News from Susan

Hannah Wilton is on the prowl again. Hannah and friend Maggie get themselves right in the middle of another murder. Murder in the Painting will be released in mid May.

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