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Designer Disaster

Designer disaster and that is it not all. What a week! Miss Penny speaking. Dogs like me who have a mixture of canine and human genes are especially sensitive; need I remind you of my princess status and soon to be famous author. Huh! That wasn’t nice. Susan just rolled her eyes. Now my nerves have been on edge and Susan is a basket case, that’s the sensitive part. Uh…basket case, what the heck does that mean? I digress. To say we are busy would be an understatement, with three books on the verge of publication and things are not going according to plan. 

After a staff meeting, the staff is just me, Susan’s assistant, it was decided that our cover design for A Dog with a Blog was not good enough (the one I showed you last week) and in the interest of saving time we outsourced a cover designer. Psst! I thought my book deserved the best. However, the first design we received looked like a horror or vampire fantasy, an enormous scary dog, which was supposed to be me, appeared menacingly from a dark green forest, definitely not the playful princess. 

Me as a vampire with a cat! Nope!

Although, I wonder if I could play a vampire dog…grrrrr…maybe not. I’d have to growl and bark. We sent that design back and clarified our specs. I don’t like to judge, but I wondered if there were magic mushrooms in that dark fantasy forest because the next design came back in psychedelic lime green. I kid you not, it hurt my eyes. Yep, you guessed, it went back again and a couple more times with some choice words from Susan. The designer agreed to start over.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal next week. I’m not getting the evil eye today as there isn’t much to add. The new Forget-Me-Not Journal is finally being worked on, Second Chances – Lavender Cottage 4 is waiting on the last proofread. 

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Miss Penny Speaking