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Exciting News from Ottawa

Life is getting pretty exciting here in Ottawa. The cover for my novel The Blue Pendant will be ready next week, which means I will be able to announce an official launch date.

Blue Heron Mysteries Book 2, is scheduled for release Monday, October 26th as an e-book on Kobo. A celebratory offer of a free e-copy of  Blue Heron Mysteries Book 1 will be available Monday. 
Blue Heron Mysteries by Susan JenningsHannah Wilton is sleuthing again and getting herself and her friend Maggie into lots of dangerous scrapes. Book 2 includes four stories and today I will share an excerpt from my favorite story, Murder in the Painting, I wrote this story at my friend Anne’s cottage on the shores of Black Lake. We were enjoying a writing retreat in November last year. The first night we sat by a warm wood stove, listening to the wind howl as it stripped the trees naked. The following morning the wind was calm and the morning sun cast an unusual light on the pond situated behind Anne’s cottage. It seemed to defy the November greyness and inspired me to write this story.
Excerpt from Murder in the Painting by Susan A. Jennings
“What did it mean? The reference ‘the corpse in the pond,’ frightened Hannah. She knew it BlueHeron MysteriesBK2 -300was time to call the police, but she wanted to wait. She didn’t want Maggie to find the ruined painting without a friend at her side—she felt sick just thinking of breaking the news. Hannah wished Tom was at her side.
Turning on the light she realized the time, four-thirty. Maggie was late. She liked to leave Ottawa before the commuter traffic and before dark. By five o’clock Hannah was worried and called one of the art group ladies and was shocked to discover that Maggie had never arrived in Ottawa.
Hannah dialed the Perth Police Station. Her call was passed through to a crusty old sergeant on desk duty, who informed her that the police could do nothing for seventy-two hours. Interrupted by several burps and excuse-mes, Hannah continued to explain the circumstances but to no avail. She had the distinct impression he was chewing Tums and nursing indigestion. He said to call back tomorrow and if Maggie was still missing they would look into it.
Re-reading the note Hannah shuddered. There was no doubt in her mind that if she didn’t find Maggie, it would be Maggie’s corpse in the pond. She forced herself back to the beginning—she had to solve the riddle. If the police didn’t want to help she would do it herself……………………..”

“I think Hannah is headed for another run in with Detective Brindle.”

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Disclaimer: Please, be aware that some the information in this blog, although factual in some incidences they have been fictionalized for the purpose of the story.

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  1. shewrite63 says:

    I look forward to more news about The Blue Pendant. I also look forward to book 2 of Blue Heron Mysteries. I love reading cozy mysteries.

    Best wishes!

    1. I think you are one of my biggest fans, if I can be so bold and I thank you. Although exciting it is also daunting. and, my perseverance with technology seems to be paying off.

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