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Hair or Fur, Coloured or Not?

Hair or fur, coloured or not, that is the question, Miss Penny speaking. My boss, the author, is normally a quiet unassuming introvert, quite the opposite to me, I like to be the centre of attention, Princess Penny—just a reminder. But not Susan, except when it comes to her hair. Susan has pearly-white hair. Psst! She’s old. Oops! I need to be careful that look was beyond the evil eye, even menacing. Gosh, where was I? Ah, Susan’s hair. You will never believe this but she came home the other day with … wait for it … blue, pink and purple hair down one side. I kid you not, not such a quiet introvert after all. But, when someone suggested Susan dye my hair, which by the way is fur not hair, to match hers I freaked out. YIKES! No coloured fur for me. Then I noticed all was not well,

No coloured fur for me!

Susan’s not keen on the pink, I don’t know why, if I was to have a colour, pink would be my choice. Pink Princess Penny, that has a nice ring to it, but coloured fur is definitely not my style. Two days later she comes home with a lot of blue a bit of purple and no pink. Guess what? She said she made a mistake because the new look included new purple glasses but with all the blue they don’t match. I will never understand the two legged logic. Mind you right now I don’t think Susan understands either but thankfully she’s still writing. Lavender Cottage Book Four is now at the halfway mark. For more author news go to Susan’s Reader Group News or have it delivered subscribe.  

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