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Happily Abandoned

Happily abandoned, Miss Penny speaking.

Psst! Don’t tell Susan about the happy part. Ever since Susan came back from England, (FYI she left for a very long time) I get nervous if I see signs of ‘going away’, Susan thinks I don’t notice. But, when the writing stops, no stories to listen to and I know she’s on a deadline with the Sophie book, I know something is afoot. 

First, the little suitcase comes out, so she’s going somewhere but it must be a short trip as it’s not the big suitcase. Then clothes come out and on this occasion a box of food. That’s interesting, well I guess it’s not England, that’s a relief. 

Oh, it looks like party time, …

Nice try! I saw 4 bottles in the box.

bottles of wine are strategically placed in the corners of the food box, that’s a lot of wine! I gave the box a good sniff but there wasn’t any chicken or kibble in that box. Eh! Looks as though I’m not included. Okay, time to turn on the shivers, flip the tail down and bring on the sad eyes. Psst! It doesn’t stop her going but I get extra cuddles and sweet nothings whispered in my ear.

You think I don’t know you are going away?

Time to turn up the trembling dial,

Susan is packing another bag and that has chicken and kibble in it, my favourite ball, pink baby and my rain coat. Okay, this is serious. Where am I going? Next Susan picks up my comfy bed. “Hey! Be careful, I’ve got things buried in there!” I blush as a two Milkbones and something I don’t recognize drops out. Susan pulls a face and picks it up with paper towel. Hee-hee! 

What comes next? You guessed it. A car ride and you know what I think about that. Our destination is Rose’s. Now, I don’t want to appear too excited, but I love it here. There’s a back yard and doggy friends to play with and I am treated like a princess. Susan could do with taking some notes. 

I had a great weekend and I think Susan did too. Psst! She went to a cottage with six lady business owners. Not sure what it had to do with business, Susan said they had a rollicking good time and the food and wine boxes came home quite empty!!!

Until next time doggy licks and kisses

Miss Penny

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