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Happy Dance Celebration Time

I am so excited I’m doing a happy dance, Miss Penny Speaking.

It finally happened. Oh, I’m getting a look of ‘What happened’ from Susan. Here it comes drum roll please …I am a published author! My book A Dog with a Blog full of coloured pictures of me is on Amazon. Princess Penny is a celebrity! I think I’ll do a few twirls to celebrate, you can read about twirls in my book. Here’s the link check it out. 

I’m famous!

It was quite a challenge getting this book to print.

As you know from last week the first cover was a disaster but we fixed that, sort of, Susan’s still a bit iffy about it. I think it’s fine. Then, Susan told me to switch all my coloured photographs from RBG to CKMY. I kid you not, I’m supposed to know what that means? It turned out to be something about the colour being different in e-books to paperback. It was a tedious job changing one picture at a time. Psst! I don’t have much patience so I let Susan do that part, next comes formatting and finally, up it goes into the world of Amazon. 

You can read it now! Just click to buy

So, I’m excited we are on the brink of publication. I am ready, I can hear the crowds of adoring fans, clamouring to get a signed copy of my book. What? Susan is rolling her eyes. But I’m adorable, cute and funny; love me, love my book. Right? Psst! Cute dogs get more attention than the two legged humans. 

Well, Amazon didn’t think so. They questioned my copyright, said it was available on the internet. Ah-der! The book is complied from my blogs, of course it’s on the internet. Susan sorted it out with a very stern letter, proving she was the copyright holder. The cheek of it! Susan’s not worried she says it’s a good thing that they check copyright. 

Too much?

Well, my adoring fans that is all for this week, Susan has more book news coming in Susan’s Reader News on Wednesday. Why not subscribe and get your copy in your inbox?

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