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I did it! Switched my blog and website.

Taking a break to get my sanity...and hair back!

Taking a break to get my sanity…and hair back!

Just a quick note to everyone to say my blog and website are up and running again. After much tearing out of hair and many calls to Bluehost’s, very helpful support team, I made it.

There is one problem for which I apologise, I’m afraid only 17 of my 200 subscribers were transferred to the new site, which means many of you will not receive the email notification. Please re-submit your email address in the sidebar to your right. Thanks.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience. I will be writing a blog at the end of this week with an exciting update and launch date for The Blue Pendant. 

Next stage is moving the  Reader’s Group News.



Bluehost, Susan A Jennings Author

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