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I’m in Trouble

I’m in big trouble, Miss Penny speaking, your favourite and adorable canine.

I’m in big trouble, Miss Penny speaking, your favourite and adorable canine.

I thought I’d remind you of my adorableness. Susan tells me ‘adorableness’ is a big word for me. Well, it suits me as I need all the adoring I can get today. I am in big trouble and Susan is mad with me. She shouted at me yesterday, this has never happened before. I am crushed. Even my big soulful eyes, cute overbite and gentle pawing of her knee did nothing. 

I’m in big trouble!

I scratched the paint off the office door.

In case you are wondering it had nothing to do with writing. Susan is progressing really fast with the latest Sophie book and we are both happy when she’s writing. So, what did I do that was so bad? I scratched the paint off the office door. 

As you know, I’m not fussy, well maybe a bit. It’s just that there are one or two little things I don’t like; car rides because I get shoved in the back, plain kibble without fresh meat, short walks, strangers, especial men and bouncy puppies. And, the worst thing ever, I hate being left alone. I cannot get Susan to understand I need to be with her all the time. Psst! That’s why I insist she leave the bathroom door open. The latter seems to be a problem if we have visitors. Odd, my bathroom is a public park and I’m not shy, I guess it’s a human thing.

Well, it could have been a burglar or a dognapper. 

I have been left alone a few times this week and yesterday was the last straw, especially as I heard strange noises. Well, it could have been a burglar or a dognapper. Too dramatic? I figured that if I scratched long enough, you know like digging a hole when I bury a bone, I would be able to get out. It didn’t work, the door has a nice brown strip across the bottom and the floor is covered in white paint flakes and I was yelled at. Was it my fault? Not really, it was Susan’s fault for leaving me in the office. She doesn’t agree. It took longer than usual but I did eventually get cuddles.

Love and doggy licks from adorable Miss Penny

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