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Kudos to the Vet

Feeling better after a vet visit, Miss Penny shares the benefits of chicken broth in her diet, works on “Secrets in the Shadows,” and mentions Susan’s book promotions.

Kudos to the Vet

Do you remember last weeks blog? My visit to the vet and how poorly I felt after having needles stuck in me. Well, just in case you were worried about me, I’m better now. 

Psst! Listen carefully, because I’m whispering so Susan doesn’t hear me. Believe it or not the vet visit had an upside to it and I definitely don’t want Susan to think I like going to the vet. Once a year is quiet enough. 

Anyway, the upside is that Susan mentioned I was a fussy eater – not true, I have a small appetite and I only like certain things. Oh and treats especially Milkbones.

Milkbone treat, I think I might bury it

Sorry, I digress, then Susan went on to say, and this is embarrassing, that I didn’t pee enough. Does Susan not realize it is the middle of winter and I have to squat my butt in the cold, icy snow. It makes perfect sense, to me, to go as little as possible. 

You want me to do what? Pee

Susan says that’s not healthy and the vet agreed. I’m told to drink more water. That won’t work. I’ll drink when I’m thirsty. So, here’s the good part. The vet suggested adding chicken broth to my food, which would increase my liquid intake.

Wow! I ate every morsel in my dish, chicken and kibble because the kibble was soaked in chicken broth and it was yummy. 

Kudos, to the vet. Psst! I never thought those words-kudos and vet- would come out of my mouth.

What’s that? Do I pee more? Of course not, the food and broth feeds me on the inside of my tummy but it’s still frigging cold outside for my butt. Don’t worry, I’m okay, really. I’ll just wait until spring.

What’s happening in the author world? Busy, very busy. Secrets in the Shadows is being proofread, the cover is in design mode. Psst! You, my doggie fans, because you know how adorable and cute I am, are getting the very first peek, and it’s a tiny peek of the cover.

Looking good. The designer, Rosemary Bann, is using a new painting technique

Did you know Secrets in the Shadows is Book 5 of The Lavender Cottage series. All four books are available, more info on my website.

Now here’s a bonus. Book 1 When Love Ends Romance Begins is part of the Red Feather Romance Giveaway promotion, taking place right now. Enter now. Right here

Licks and tail wags

Miss Penny

P.S. For author updates, promotions freebies and writing news . Check  out Susan’s Reader’s News 

P.P.S. Don’t forget to check out Susan’s website for all her books

Please feel free to pass this on to friends and family. It is important to me that I get to know the readers.

Miss Penny Speaking, Susan's Readers Group

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