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Me and My Mom!

Mom and me, Miss Penny speaking.

Not all dogs remember their Mom. I’m lucky because my mom lives with Susan’s friend, so I get to see her quite often. We’ve been working with Susan’s Readers News and this week we featured mothers and daughters. 

Miss Penny and her mom Leila

I am miffed because I only got a tiny mention, and my mom never got a look in. So, whether Susan likes it or not, I’m writing my own mom story.

Before I start, you might want to grab a tissue as this is sad.

I hasten to add it has a happy ending. Oh, I’m not supposed to do that. Susan says telling the ending is a ‘spoiler’.

Psst! She’s being bossy today.

My mom, Leila, was owned by a bad man who owned a puppy farm. He owned a lot of dogs but he didn’t love them or take care of them. He just wanted to make money from them. It was a horrible place, flea infested, dirty and cramped where dogs are put in cages with barely enough food to sustain them. No chicken, hamburgers or treats only cheap dry kibble.

I shudder just thinking about it.

The whole purpose of a puppy farm is to make as many puppies as they can to sell to pet stores and unsuspecting families looking for a cute puppy. 

Females like my mom were pregnant or nursing puppies all the time. It is cruel and illegal but goes on all the time.

I don’t know exactly what happened but the puppy farm where my mom lived was raided by the police and shut down and the nasty man that owned it was arrested. 

All the dogs and puppies were rescued and taken to the Humane Society for protection and medical care.

I was in her tummy with my siblings when this happened. My mom was very lucky because Kathleen, Susan’s friend took my mom to her house and looked after her until I was born.

Well, actually they nearly forgot me. Honestly, I kid you not.

Susan is giving me a strange look. Hey, everyone said I was an after thought.

This is what happened. I was all curled up in mom’s tummy and my brothers and sisters got rowdy and disappeared. I was feeling lonely or more like forgotten I decided to see what was going on. Was I surprised when I landed in Kathleen’s living room. Not nearly as surprised as my mom. all my other siblings were born one after the other.

I appeared half an hour later. Is that where the ‘after thought’ came from?

Human mum’s (Susan’s British so she spells mom with a u) stay connected to their daughters all their lives, but canine moms, only stay with their puppies for eight weeks, so I am very lucky to have my mom around.

Now,I can tell you the end of the story, not only was Leila adopted by Kathleen and I was adopted by Susan but all my siblings went to good homes and the nasty puppy farmer was put in jail. Now, that is a happy ending.

Oops! I was supposed to tell you about the latest Susan’s Readers News – Mothers and Daughter. See, how we are connected. Click here

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