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Miss Penny’s Nose is out of Joint!

And then ….oh boy, this bad …Rose opens the door and I am greeted by, not one but two dogs. 

Miss Penny’s nose is out of joint. Yep, that’s me Miss Penny speaking! 

As you know I assist Susan with her writing. We had a busy week, on top of the writing Susan was uploading The Sackville Hotel Trilogy to a new distributor in the U.K. Judging by the cursing (not fit for my ears) something went wrong. My job is to cuddle and calm Susan and happily things are now proceeding well.

Morning writing time

Living with an author has its challenges

but our early morning writing time is usually uneventful except the other morning. I am rushed out of the condo early for my walk, a short one I might add, and then I am put in the car. I am not impressed until we get to Rose’s house. Going to Rose’s place is the only time a car ride is acceptable. However, two things happened, Susan dumps me and drives off somewhere, this make me nervous last time she did that I didn’t see her for months. And then ….oh boy, this bad …Rose opens the door and I am greeted by, not one but two dogs. 

Franny & Rupert the Intruders

The tone in Rose’s voice is telling me I should be happy, to meet these intruders and Pierre followed calling Pen-pen, his pet name for me. I go running to Pierre, figuring I’ll get some loving and to my horror Franny the little brown dog is sitting on Pierre’s lap. The white dog Rupert is crazy, leaping and charging around as though he owned the place. I tried to put things straight that this is my territory but neither seemed to listen. Psst! They are not very well behaved, jumping on chairs even the table. Franny even jumped up to the table and ate Pierre’s breakfast. I would never do such a thing, such bad manners. I am well behaved, ‘Doesn’t that count for something?’

I’m sulking and looking for squirrels

I decided to take a tour of the backyard and search for squirrels, while waiting for Susan. I was lucky she wasn’t gone long and she stayed for a visit, which was nice except Susan made a fuss of the interlopers, especially Franny, saying she was cute and adorable. Excuse me! Those adjectives are associated with me. Very disturbing indeed! No wonder my nose is out of joint Thankfully Susan took me home, realizing how distressed I was she gave me lots of hugs and cuddles. 

Doggy kisses

Miss Penny

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  1. Mary Rothschild says:

    Dear Miss Penny,
    No need to worry – Susan thinks you’re the most wonderful puppy in the world. I keep signing up for your blog but I don’t get it. Help…

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